FriYAYs & Weekly Check-Ins: A Great Way to Stay On Track & Make The Right Choices!

FriYAYs & Weekly Check-Ins: A Great Way to Stay On Track & Make The Right Choices!

Happy Friday babes! <3

Today, take a second (Yes, you have the time. Make it!) to look back on your week.

What choices are you happy about?

Which ones are you less happy about?

What can you do to stay on track with the good & change the ones you’re less happy about next week? 

This week, I’m happy about the choices I made regarding my nutrition & workouts.

  • I listened to my body & hunger cues, meal prepped, ate healthy nutrient-dense foods & stayed on track with my supplements.
  • I got through my workouts with more ease than usual & I feel stronger than last week or two weeks ago & even started using heavier weights for some workouts.

BUT, this week: I’m less happy about my sleep schedule & my chilli-time (or lack thereof):

  • I’ve been trying to make an effort to sleep earlier to get enough sleep to sustain my busy on-the-go days. But I haven’t totally been able to change much this week. It’s like there’s always something to do & before I know it, it’s 11PM.
    • Next week, I need to work harder to get my beauty sleep & replenish my energy!
  • I also didn’t stop to chill & relax enough. This is something I struggle with & I want to work on as well. I practice self-care daily but a lot of the things I do for self care still require active input, energy & thinking, such as: exercise, blogging & cooking.
    • Next week, I need to work harder & make time to literally sit back & do nothing, even just for 30 minutes each day!

None of us are perfect.

There’s always room for self-improvement & growth.

There’s always room for discovery & for change.

Sometimes, we must make choices we’re less happy about to be fuelled with the drive to turn those choices into things we can be proud of.

Sometimes, we must go through the bad to finally see the good.

Sometimes, we must know failure to value success.

The choices I’m happy about might not be the ones that make you happy & vice versa.

That’s why it is so important to reflect on your week & give yourself goals & challenges for the week ahead.

At the end of next week, you’ll be able to look at those challenges as accomplishments!


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