How To Make Recovery Fun: Throw A Dance Party In Your Kitch!

How To Make Recovery Fun: Throw A Dance Party In Your Kitch!

Recovery taught me to have fun in the kitchen, to embrace the challenge of getting my health back & to find passion in cooking, baking & clean eating.

You can do it too.

Yes, it’s difficult to cook meals that are even more difficult for you to look at, let alone, eat.

Yes, it’s hard to get excited about food when ED’s voices are screaming inside your head & telling you to throw the food out or find ways to get around eating it.

Yes, it’s hard to eat these foreign “unsafe” foods when all they do at first is make you bloated, nauseous & uncomfortable.

Yes, you’ll be tempted & want to resort to your “safe” foods, even though you know they’re not what’s right for you.




You choose how you approach re-feeding & recovery.

Nobody else can make that choice for you. 

Cooking can be fun, adventurous, new, exciting & easy if you open your eyes & your mind to all the foods you’ve been deprived of for so long.

It gets easier to get excited about food once you learn how to fight ED’s voices. When she whispers, nags or sends a trigger your way or into your life, remind yourself that you cannot trust something that wants to kill you.

The bloating, nausea & discomfort goes away as your body gets accustomed to the re-feeding & eventually, your “unsafe” foods become the norm. Sometimes, it gets worse before it gets better. Be strong. Tough it out. It’s worth it.

Aren’t you sick of your “safe” foods? Don’t think about them. They bring back horrible memories & take you to a dark sad place. They don’t deserve your time, thoughts or appetite.

Re-feeding is hard but it gets easier, if you give it a chance.

Recovery is hard but you can’t put a price on LIFE.

So, when the bad thoughts kick in, be your own DJ, start your own dance party, cook up a storm & have fun with it.

Recovery doesn’t have to be boring or scaryRecovery is what you make it.

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