Your Worth Exists No Matter What. Know It.

Your Worth Exists No Matter What. Know It.

I cannot get over how much stronger I’ve become, how much my balance has improved & how much endurance I’ve built.

A few months ago, I was the girl stopping halfway through the exercise because I just couldn’t do it.

I was the girl trying to do push-ups on her knees, let alone do them at all.

I was the girl who could hardly do a dead lift or side leg lift without feeling like I was about to fall & without taking a break between each lift.

I was the girl who used 3 pound weights & who’s legs failed on her every time she tried to do a lunge.

I was the girl who could hardly lift her upper body to chest press & who did jumping jacks instead of star jumps.

Today, I’m definitely not the strongest in the room & that’s not my goal. But, I’m STRONGER than I was.

Today, I say with certainty that I made PROGRESS.

I’m the girl who makes it completely through the exercise because I can.

I’m the girl doing push-ups (not perfectly, but getting there!) & no, not on my knees.

I’m the girl with enough balance, flexibility & lower body strength to dead lifts & full side leg lifts & not need to touch the ground after every lift.

I’m the girl who’s using 8 pound weights & who’s legs are strong enough to sustain her with every lunge.

I’m the girl lifting my upper body to chest press & doing the star jumps.

All this is great, fine & dandy, but it’s a representation of a lot more than just the improvement in my physical ability & strength. It’s a representation of the fact that in everything in life, we all start somewhere.

There’s opportunity for growth everywhere but each one starts with a new beginning.

At first, odds are, we won’t be great or amazing at what we start.

But overtime, we get stronger, better & more accustomed to it.

I won’t lie, the first month at the gym was hard because I had trouble accepting that I wasn’t able to perform as best as I wanted.

But if there’s one word of advice I can share, it’s to persevere even in the face of adversity, difficulty & challenge. Don’t let it bring you down or make you feel less worthy. Your worth isn’t determined by how much time it takes to overcome difficulty.

Your worth exists no matter what.

Know it. 


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