My Breakfast Routine a.k.a. Kelly In The Kitch’s Complete Breakfast!

My Breakfast Routine a.k.a. Kelly In The Kitch’s Complete Breakfast!

My mornings always look a little something like this!

  1. FIRST, COFFEE. I use Nespresso pods (my faves are ristretto, arpeggio & vanillio). I also use either Califia Farms organic unsweetened almond milk (regular or vanilla) & froth it with my Nespresso frother, OR if I have a homemade nut/seed milk, I’ll use that instead (almond/cashew/hemp!). I like to drizzle some Ceylon cinnamon for some natural sweetness.

  2. BREAKY is almost always either a big bowl of overnight oats with berries (See below for links to all my recipes on the blog!) or a Greek yogurt parfait (I use Rolling Meadow Dairy grass-fed Greek Yogurt & I like this brand for everything it stands for!), topped with some gluten-free muesli (GoGo Quinoa is my fave!) or Purely Elizabeth or One Degree Organics granola, berries, banana & Ceylon cinnamon!
    • Breakfasts like these give me the fuel I need to get through my morning workouts or the re-fuel & carbs I need after a strenuous workout to replenish my muscles & give them what they need to recover!
    • Both breakfasts are packed with protein, healthy fats, tons of fibre & good carbs! They’re a great way to start my day & a hell of a boost!
    • They also contain antioxidants, vitamins/minerals from the fruit & anti-inflammatory, microbial & fungal properties.

  3. WITH A SIDE OF VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS (To see which ones I take, CLICK HERE: My Daily Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements Routine! P.S. Some things have changed since I updated this post, such as brands, but most have remained the same!). I like to take them with breakfast because while some are water-soluble, others are fat-soluble, which means my body better absorbs them when taken with fats aka FOOD! I also find that taking them with food makes it easier for them to go down & since I associate it with breaky, I NEVER forget to take them!
    • Some of the ones I take are: magnesium/krill oil/B-complex/vitamin C/collagen, vitamin D3 + K2, ashwaganda/probiotics/vitamin E/COQ10/tart cherry concentrate/maca/pearl supplement/sea buckthorn oil/evening primrose.
    • P.S. When I’m going spinning at 8:00 AM & I don’t have breakfast before hand, I won’t take my supplements until I get home from my workout so that I can take them with food!

For my overnight oats recipes:

For my Greek yogurt parfait recipe:


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