Invest In Yourself – Your Body Is Your Temple & Your Health Is Your Wealth.

Invest In Yourself – Your Body Is Your Temple & Your Health Is Your Wealth.

Invest in yourself.

There are too many things in life we can’t control: people’s emotions & feelings towards us, what others think, say & do, natural disasters & tragedies, the economy, the aging process, destiny, the past, what others think of us, weather, lost time, traffic, justice, where we came from & pleasing everyone.

Take care of what you’ve been FREELY GIVEN. Your body, health & each other. These are things you CAN control.

  • You can exercise, eat healthy, educate yourself & listen to your body.
  • You can be there for those you love.
  • You can support & encourage them.
  • You can care for & motivate them, no matter what.
  • You can make new friends or reconnect with old ones.
  • You can adopt a healthy lifestyle change.
  • You can embrace your body for all it is today, without worrying about how you’ll change it tomorrow.

You can appreciate everything you have right now.

You can choose to wholeheartedly love yourself, your body & life or you can choose to hate it.

Two extremes. One means you invest in yourself, the other means you don’t see the value in doing that.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you’ll ever make. It’ll change your life but it will also change the lives of those around you.

I once read this quote & it lingered with me.

Your body is your temple. It’ll be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag. Invest in yourself”. 

The handbag gives you instant gratification & an immediate sense of happiness. But, once you get sick of it, it rips, no longer fits the season or a new one comes out, you don’t appreciate it as much. You may even want to get rid of it or sell it.

You can’t do that with your body. Nourishing your body with the right foods, investing in it & treating it like your temple may not give you instant satisfaction, but it will lead to long-term benefits & a lifestyle change.

You won’t get sick of it because you’ll see that making those choices led to living your BEST LIFE. You don’t get sick of your body. It’s forever yours.

You can’t change your body if it “no longer fits”. It doesn’t rip or change with seasons & a new one doesn’t just come out.

You were freely handed a unique & healthy body.

You only have ONE. Invest wisely.




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