Good Vibes Only: Let’s Lift Each Other Up, Ya Dig?

Good Vibes Only: Let’s Lift Each Other Up, Ya Dig?

What if we dedicated today to sharing love & lifting each other up instead of spreading hate & putting each other down?

This has been eating away at me lately.

As I continue to pursue my journey to recovery & health, my body continues to change. Yet, I’m still putting it out there.

There are days where I feel less confident about it. Days where I worry about what others will think when they see the changes. Will they judge me? Does anyone else ever feel this way?

I hate that the confidence that I’ve worked so hard to build is sometimes drowned in fears of what others will think of me. It isn’t right.

I’m tired of women judging the choices of others.

I’m tired of women putting each other down.

I’m tired of women competing & letting their insecurities get the best of them to the point where they justify pawning them on others.

Social media makes it easy to make judgments about others & yes, we’re all guilty of it.

But why can’t we all just LIVE & LET LIVE?

Why don’t we enable others to be & express themselves by encouraging them to live their lives authentically, without fear of what others will think?

Even if it’s not something we approve of & even if they’re different.

We’re all human. We all have many sides. We all have our struggles & go through sh*t.

  • I’m passionate & compassionate.
  • I’m a mental health advocate, holistic nutritionist in training, food & wellness blogger & fitness lover.
  • I’m also an eating disorder survivor & a girl who’s had her share of struggles.
  • But, I’m also a girl who CONFIDENTLY puts her life out on social media every single day in hopes that it can inspire every one of you, even in the littlest bit. \

Why can’t I do that without feeling like I’m being judged?

If women feel confident, shouldn’t we be celebrating it?

In today’s world, CONFIDENCE IS SUCH A DIFFICULT THING TO ATTAIN. But, it’s something we all deserve.

Confidence looks & feels different on everyone & that’s okay.

What matters is that we all play our part in encouraging others to live their realest, best, & happiest lives EVER.

Just that could help make the world a better place.





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