Gluten-Free & Vegan 8-Ingredient Oat Flour Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies a.k.a. You Can Have Your Coffee, Cookie & EAT It Too!

Gluten-Free & Vegan 8-Ingredient Oat Flour Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies a.k.a. You Can Have Your Coffee, Cookie & EAT It Too!

Hi lovies!!


OKA, so I got all of yesterday’s meal prep recipes up last night, EXCEPT THIS ONE. I didn’t mean to leave you munchkins hanging, ’cause Lord knows I would hate to put you through an ongoing salivating sesh at the sight of these babies. BUT I have this thing when it comes to writing up baking recipes. I get really freaking passionate about them & I rant for days, so I like to save them for last (simply because I know they will take me forevzzzz). 

So yep, saved this one for last because not only was I passionate about it (BECAUSE IT’S A FREAKING COOKIE), but also because I was too busy eating half the batch. No kay, I’m kidding. I may have had one or two, EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.

But I mean, if you want a cookie that you can feel good about eating, THEN THIS IS THE BABE FOR YOU! I really think this is the healthiest a cookie can get. I’m not even kidding. And when you taste them… YOU’D NEVER BELIEVE ME. EVER. They are incredible. They’re soft & chewy on the inside, but perfectly crumbly & crackly on the outside!

BUT WAIT FOR IT. They are delicious and beautiful and A-game when it comes to texture, BUT… more importantly: they are refined sugar-free, butter-free, oil-free, vegan & gluten-free (They aren’t nut free simply because of the almond butter… BUT AS YOU GUYS KNOW, with Kelly In The Kitch, there are ALWAYS alternatives. Remember that sunflower butter thing I told you guys about?! OK WELL, simply sub the almond butter for sunflower butter & they’re all those things I listed above & NUT-FREE!).

They are full of nutritious ingredients, from the oats to the almond butter (or any nut/seed butter), to the coconut flower syrup! AND WELL… COFFEE!!!!!! SO YES, what I am currently telling you and raving away about is that YOU CAN GET YOUR COFFEE FIX & CHOCOLATE FIX & COOKIE FIX ALL IN ONE. A freaking package deal cookie. Ya dig?

And BEST PART OF ALL OF THIS? They only require… wait for it… 8 ingredients. ONE BOWL. And less than 10 minutes of prep time (& less than 10 to bake!!!)

TBH, I do have some complicated cookie recipes up on the blog here, BUT THERE’S NOTHING THAT MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN A SIMPLE COOKIE.

A cookie should be three things: SIMPLE. HEALTHY & DELICIOUS. (A complicated one is fun every now & then, BUT when you can achieve this result with 8 ingredients & one freaking bowl, it’s hard to opt for the complicated ones!I WANT MY COOKIE & I WANT IT NOW!!!!).


So without further ado, let’s break it down.

My loves, YOU WILL NEED:


Juss’ sayin’

  • 1 cup gluten-free oat flour;
    • Don’t have any? No problem! To make your own oat flour, simply add 1 cup of gluten-free rolled oats to a food processor & process for 30 seconds until a fine flour forms! AND THERE YOU HAVE IT – OAT FLOUR! Ya dig?
  • 2 tbsp. of ground coffee;
  • 1 tsp. baking powder;
  • 1/4 tsp. sea salt;
  • 1/2 cup creamy almond butter (or any nut or seed butter you prefer);
  • 1/3 cup of coconut flower syrup;
  • 1 tsp. of pure organic vanilla extract;
  • 1/4 cup of mini vegan dark chocolate chips.

NOW, for that HOW-TO?

  • Preheat your oven to 350F & line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • Add all the ingredients (except the choco chips!) to a MEDIUM mixing bowl & stir using a wooden spoon or spatula until you’ve got… COOKIE DOUGH, or well, ALMOST-COOKIE-DOUGH!


  • Once you’ve got almost-cookie-dough, throw in the chocolate chips & stir again until they’re fully incorporated with the rest of the batter!




  • Using a tbsp., scoop out some of the batter & roll it into a ball. Repeat the process until you’ve got no more batter (& you lick the bowl clean of whatever was left over!!).
  • Slightly flatten each cookie! They won’t spread much during baking, SO WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET BABY!





  • Bake the babes for 8-9 minutes! They should be crackly & crumbly on the outside! Don’t worry if they still look slightly soft – they will harden while they cool!
  • Allow the babes to rest on the baking sheet for 5-10 minutes before trying to devour them. JUST KIDDING. ENJOY THEM IMMEDIATELY, LIKE FRESH OUT THE OVEN IMMEDIATELY.
  • DEVOUR!!!
    • Once cooled & if you happen to have leftovers, store them in an airtight container at room temperature for about 4 days!







2 thoughts on “Gluten-Free & Vegan 8-Ingredient Oat Flour Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies a.k.a. You Can Have Your Coffee, Cookie & EAT It Too!”

  • what can you sub for coconut flower syrup as I dont have that readily available? Could you do honey?

    • Totally! You can sub either honey or pure organic maple syrup! If you swap for honey, make sure it’s raw, unpasteurized & preferably, local & organic. Xoxo! Let me know how they turn out 🙂

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