What’s In My Pantry? a.k.a. Pantry Goals, You?

What’s In My Pantry? a.k.a. Pantry Goals, You?

Hi lovies!! 


OKAY, the moment you all asked for & have all been waiting for is HERE! I took you through my fridge & now it’s only fair that I take you through none other than my PANTRY! 

As someone who recovered from an eating disorder & who adopted a healthier lifestyle in the process, you are most probably wondering what on earth goes on in my pantry, a.k.a. what types of foods & staple items are ALWAYS THERE!

So, here I am, putting that wonder to rest!

This post will provide a brief overview of my must-have // staples in my pantry! And TBH, these are only some of the staples… LORD KNOWS I’VE GOT SOME ‘MO, stored in other cupboards in my kitch. But these are really my go-tos (& really all I could fit in this pantry! FML).

Sometimes, I feel like my house is legit an organic grocery store! I’ll admit, I do love to keep my kitch stocked at all times, especially with the items that I use everyday, since as you guys know, I cook / bake a lot, I eat a lot & I just flat out use them so much that I go through them quickly!

For this post, I wanted to focus on the MAIN EVENTS that I use the absolute most or find to be the most important health-benefit wise! Keep in mind that I eat to enjoy, BUT I ALSO EAT FOR BENEFITS! These are basically all the ingredients that I have on hand 24/7. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include a lot of my seasonings (rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar, white wine vinegar, etc.), cooking oils, my fridge, spice cabinet & two other cabinets that are filled with other snacks & some organic canned goods!

I don’t know about you guys but having an organized pantry is CRUCIAL to staying organized & on track with meal prepping & healthy eating! Some things that I store in the pantry end up being stored in my fridge once I open them, such as nut butters & pasta sauces, to keep them from going rancid & to last longer!

I hope you find this post helpful & useful! What I’ll do is I’ll try to share a bit about why I use certain ingredients or how I incorporate them into my daily routine!

ALSO, before we get right into it, keep in mind that these are the staples that work best for me, my needs & my body! These foods might not all work for you, your tastebuds & your dietary needs / restrictions! 




Peanut butter promotes healthy bone & muscle growth, gives relief from constipation & promotes healthy digestion, may also prevent certain types of cancer as it is super rich in antioxidant properties, reduces Type II diabetes & helps lower cholesterol levels in the body.

I use this in baking (as a butter replacement), in smoothies, as a spread on sprouted toast, gluten-free rice cakes or as a dip for fresh fruit! Personally, I prefer the creamy type, but this brand also makes a crunchy one! (My dad loves it, so you’ve got the “Kelly In The Kitch’s dad” seal of approval!).


Oat flour is made from whole oats, and contains tons of protein & soluble fiber comprised of indigestible sugars, called beta-glucans, which have been shown to lower risk factors for heart disease, such as high cholesterol & high blood pressure. Oats also help boost immune system, maintain healthy weight, are great for the skin & keep you full & satisfied! The main reason I love oat flour is because of the high fibre & protein content!

I use oat flour mainly for baking (& for no-bake recipes, as well!). It’s basically just ground up oats, so if you don’t have the actual flour, you can totally make your own with just a blender or your food processor!


Ground flax helps reduce the risk of cancer & heart disease, helps maintain normal blood sugar levels, healthy skin & bones, boosts the immune system, helps reduce inflammation in the body, is a great remedy for healthy eyes & kidneys & is beneficial for maintaining a healthy reproductive system.

I use flax in baking (to add a dose of health or to make vegan egg substitute, or flax egg!) as a topping for yogurt, smoothies or sweet breakfast toast & sometimes as a breading/bread crumb replacement.


Lentils help control diabetes, lower blood pressure, help with healthy weight maintenance, may reduce certain types of cancer, help with digestion & boost metabolism, are a good source of vitamins & minerals, help in optimal brain functioning & in preventing cell & gene damage. AND, when they’re sprouted, they help with muscle generation in the body.

Lentils are great for salads, soups & chilis and are super versatile! They’re a great source of plant-based protein to start incorporating in your daily diet, especially since now that winter is rolling around, the cravings for warm comforting dishes will start to hit!


This maple vinegar actually takes ONE YEAR TO MAKE, from start to finish. It’s made at the sugar shack artisanally. Basically, it starts out with maple syrup, which is vilified into maple wine, which is then acetified into vinegar in a slow process using the Mother of Vinegar (same thing as apple cider!). This preserves all the natural enzymes that occur in the Mother of Vinegar.

Absolutely LOVE this to add a hint of acidity, but also natural sweetness to dressings, vinaigrettes & marinades!

Organic Traditions ORGANIC COCONUT PALM SUGAR (I also have the one by Wholesome!)

To read all about the benefits of coconut palm sugar, click here: The Nitty-Gritty on Healthy Sugar Alternatives & Substitutes a.k.a. Nobody-Said-You-Couldn’t-Curb-Them-Sugar-Cravings-Just-Curb-‘Em-Wisely! 

In a nutshell? It contains over 16 amino acids & 4 B-vitamins. It’s a great source of iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc & has a low glycemic index! It may help relieve symptoms of diabetic neuropathy & may help treat anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, as well as high blood pressure!

I use this in my baking recipes, as well as sometimes in coffee, tea or other beverages (hot chocolate, matcha, etc.). It’s also a great natural sweetener for Greek yogurt or overnight oats!


Sunflower seed butter is a great nut-free alternative to other nut butters! It’s super high in protein, loaded with magnesium (which may help improve sleep, relieve muscle spasms & improve digestion), as well as vitamin E (which helps balance cholesterol, fights free radical damage, contains antioxidants & increases immunity), is full of healthy fats (which help carry vitamins through the body, absorb nutrients & improve skin health) & it’s highly unprocessed!

I like to use this in protein balls / energy bites! It’s also a great substitute for other nut butters in baking recipes, if you have a nut allergy!


These are some of my GO-TO CRACKERS! I always have them in my pantry because they literally go well with EVERYTHING! They’re super versatile, delicious & contain NO BAD INGREDIENTS (& all ingredients are organic!!).

They’re made with whole grain brown rice, whole grain quinoa, brown flax seeds, brown sesame seeds, filtered water, sea salt, black pepper & wheat-free tamari! THAT IS ALL.


Guys, this is the CLEANEST PACKAGED MUFFIN / BREAD MIX that I have ever come across! The ingredients? Almond flour, banana, organic coconut sugar, arrowroot, organic coconut flour, baking soda & sea salt! It’s paleo-friendly, gum-free, dairy-free & soy-free!

For the lazy nights when you just want a freaking muffin or some banana bread, THIS IS SOMETHING GREAT TO HAVE ON HAND! Betty Crocker, PEACE THE F OUT.



These crackers / chips / crisps, WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL ‘EM are to die for. They’re made with bananas, organic coconut, organic sesame seeds & are gluten-free, vegan and contain no added sugar, salt, flour, eggs or dairy! They are also soy & peanut free. I’m obsessed with these. Seriously. They will satisfy a chip craving & they’re packed with so many nutrients & healthy fats so they make for a perfect afternoon snack to hold you over until dinner time!


Tigernuts are similar to other nuts in texture, but provide a host of benefits that make them super appealing to me! They basically satisfy every dietary restriction, such as vegan, gluten-free & paleo! Not only that, but they are basically SUPERFOODS! They contain very high iron content, as well as vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, B6.

They’re also a prebiotic fibre. WHAT ON EARTH DOES THAT MEAN? Prebiotics are food ingredients that induce the growth or activity of beneficial micro-organisms. They are NOT the same thing as probiotics. Prebiotics are plant fibres  that nourish the good bacteria ALREADY in the large bowel or colon. While probiotics INTRODUCE good bacteria into the gut, prebiotics act as a fertilizer for the good bacteria that’s already there! They help good bacteria grow, improving the good-to-bad bacteria ratio.! The thing is that the body itself does not digest the plant fibres. Instead, it uses these fibres to promote the growth of the good bacteria in the gut, which provide digestive and general health benefits.

Research has even shown that prebiotics and good bacterial gut balance play a direct role in mental health. Individuals who consume prebiotics on a daily basis have fewer issues with anxiety, depression & stress.

I absolutely love using these as a topping for oats, Greek yogurt & even enjoy munching on them alone!


This brand nails it again with these healthy pretzels! They are made with organic whole grain brown rice, quinoa, flax seeds, sesame seeds, amaranth, millet & chia seeds! They’re a lot lighter than regular pretzels, super crunchy & sprinkled with sea salt!

They’re wheat-free, dairy-free, contain tons of omega-3 fatty acids, thanks to the sesame & flax seeds, as well as the quinoa! AND THEY CONTAIN ZERO GRAMS OF SUGAR! These are great to satisfy a chip/cracker/pretzel craving & are SUPER NUTRITIOUS!


OKAY guys, I think by now it’s safe to say that you know that I consume collagen on a daily basis, right? If you want to read about all the benefits of collagen, check out my full blog post HERE: Collagen Here, Collagen There, Collagen Everywhere: The Basics & Why You Should Add It To Your Daily Routine!

I use both the original & vanilla coconut Collagen Peptides in my smoothies, baked goods, protein bites/energy balls, breads, overnight oats & even sometimes just dissolved in water or in my Kombucha! I take collagen daily for a host of reasons, the main ones being: to help with joint health, to help my muscles recover after strenuous workouts, to help fight the signs of aging in my skin, hair & nails, to rejuvenate my skin, make my hair thicker & shinier & to strengthen my nails, to help promote a healthy gut, to boost my immune system, as a way to incorporate more protein into my diet, to boost mood & energy levels!

As for the Collagen Creamer, I haven’t used it many times just yet because they just recently sent it to me, but I did try it in my coffee & I LOVED IT! It adds a beautiful, silky creaminess to the coffee & a froth that you wouldn’t necessarily get from plant-based milk or regular milk, for that matter (thanks to the richness of the coconut milk!). It’s packed with healthy fats & loads of protein & makes for a great & very delicious morning boost of energy!

I also use their Beauty Water! They sent me the Lavender Lime flavour & I was afraid I wouldn’t like it but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I like to simply add it to water or to my Kombucha! It’s easily mixed into smoothies too, if you wish but I prefer to use the peptides for that! It’s very refreshing & contains no added sugars! It hydrates the sin, keeps it firm & improves skin elasticity (& obvs provides all the same benefits as the collagen!).


Bob’s Red Mill BAKING SODA

Ok, this is me being kinda picky, TBH. But what’s different about this baking soda is that it it extracted by a simple water process that uses no chemicals. Other than that, there’s nothing really that special about it, but it’s definitely a staple in my pantry given how much I bake!


OKAY, this stuff is BOMB. I haven’t touched, let alone, laid eyes on a container of Panko in MONTHS. This stuff is made from 100% brown rice, contains no sodium, msg, sugar or cholesterol! It’s completely wheat & gluten-free! The only ingredient is BROWN RICE (& Lord knows, that’s how it should be!).

I use this for all my breading needs! I’ve used it in my zucchini meatballs & zucchini fries, as well as in other recipes that require breading or thickening (It’s a great alternative to gums, such as Xanthan gum, etc. because it binds really well with eggs!).


These are one of my go-to snacks! They’re packed with organic nutrients rich in antioxidants & naturally sweetened! The products are gently dehydrated, so all the essential vitamins & enzymes are actually preserved! They’re raw, healthy, delicious!

Not only are they all of that, but they’re also super high in fiber & protein (& LOW IN SUGAR!). They contain ZERO TRANS FAT, ZERO CHOLESTEROL & NO REFINED SUGAR! The ingredients are organic almonds, pumpkin seeds, Himalayan pink salt, sunflower seeds, organic dates & dried cranberries & organic maple syrup! THAT’S IT!

Sometimes I eat them after a meal as a little treat or dessert, but what you can also do is crumble them up & use them as a topping for your Greek yogurt or oats!

Simple Treasures BROWN RICE CRISPS

These are my go-to’s for my homemade granola bars! TBH, I don’t use them for much else but I find they are really an essential component to give any homemade bar a good crunch, all while adding some health benefits, such as: low in sugar, great for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, packed with fibre, as well as essential vitamins & minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium (bone & teeth strength), as well as iron (important for blood cell formation) & zinc (good for the skin!). They’re also super low in sodium (which means they help maintain healthy blood pressure levels) & are a great alternative to common breakfast cereals loaded with added sugars & salt!


Applesauce should always be unsweetened & ORGANIC, if possible! The only ingredient on you container should be apples! So many applesauces are sweetened with refined, processed sugar & that literally strips it away of all its nutrients! The GOOD KIND of applesauce is high in fiber, lowers cholesterol, is rich in antioxidants, keeps you fuller longer due to the fibre content, may help lower the risk of asthma, cancer, heart disease & diabetes & is also anti-inflammatory!

Applesauce is great as is, but is also a great substitute for butter or unhealthy process hydrogenated oils in certain baking recipes!


There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not STOCKED UP on this stuff. I ALWAYS have it in my pantry! I use it for all things dressings, marinades, spreads, sauces, vinaigrettes & yes, EVEN BAKING SOMETIMES!

To read all about the benefits, click here: The Nitty-Gritty on None Other Than APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!


Walnuts help improve bone health, reduce the risk of diabetes, prevent the growth of certain types of cancerous cels in the body, may help fight and/or prevent heart disease, boost metabolism & help boost mood!

I like to use walnuts in protein bites/energy balls, baked treats, such as cookies or muffins,  granola bars, or as toppings for bowls &/or salads!


This powder blend is a combination of tons of leafy greens, such as broccoli, kale, alfalfa, wheat grass, oat grass, chlorella & spirulina! You get 33g of raw greens per serving! Not only are you getting an insane amount of greens from this, but they’re also fermented! As you guys know, fermentation promotes easier digestion!

One scoop ranks you in at only 5g of carbs, 3g of protein, 0g of sugar, 2g of protein, 20% of your RDV of iron & 10% of your RDV of vitamin C!

What I like to do with this is blend it up with some ice & organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk for a little mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up! Sometimes, I’ll add in some Ceylon cinnamon, 1/2 a banana, some steamed then frozen cauliflower, or some sort of adaptogen or superfood powder, such as acai, maca, chlorella or psyllium!

Nature’s Intent ORGANIC QUINOA

Quinoa is one of the most-protein rich foods we can eat! It contains almost 2x as much fibre as other grains, as well as iron, lysine, magnesium, B2 & manganese! It’s also gluten-free, low on the glycemic index (which makes it diabetes-friendly), boosts metabolism & a very versatile ingredient to use!

I use it mostly to make cooked quinoa salads, but I’ve also made quinoa burgers & cookies with it! Use the search bar on my homepage to find the recipes.

Earth Circle Organics CHLORELLA POWDER

Chlorella is a superfood powder that’s packed with minerals, amino acids, trace minerals, phytonutrients, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, detoxifies the blood + removes industrial pollutants, metals, mould & other toxins from the body, boosts tissue growth & repair + improves symptoms of certain types of disease & cancer, reduces carcinogenic activity + fights bacteria & infection, promotes a healthy immune system , cleanses the liver liver,  promotes growth of friendly bacteria in your gut + balances pH levels in the body & normalizes blood sugar & blood pressure!

I like to add it to smoothies or smoothie bowls! I have yet to incorporate it into protein bites or energy balls, BUT HEY… YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT’S COMING BABY!


This stuff is HEAVENLY. It’s my second go-to, after Purely Elizabeth (but let me tell you, it’s a close freaking call!). I also LOVE the vanilla chia flavour (but I ran out!!). A lot of granolas are packed with refined sugars, TOO MUCH SUGAR (even if it’s natural) & refined, processed grains. This one is sprouted, vegan, gluten-free & sweetened with just coconut palm sugar & brown rice syrup! The ingredients are SUPER CLEAN & are all organic (oats, coconut palm sugar, brown rice syrup, quinoa, cacao, brown rice, sunflower oil, unrefined salt & tocopherols, aka vitamin E!).

I LOVE to use this as a topping for my smoothies or Greek yogurt, BUT TBH, don’t be surprised if you find me walking around my house eating this stuff STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BAG. No joke. I’m obsessed.


Guys, not only is this pasta sauce freaking DELICIOUS. But the ingredients cannot be more clean. Seriously. For starters, they are all organic & of the finest quality. Their slogan is “ingredients come first”. SO YA KNOW. It’s made from 100% organic Italian tomatoes, imported olive oil, fresh garlic, basil & onions, sea salt & spices, contains no preservatives, no paste & no aded sugars!!!!! I’m not one for buying pre-made sauces or a huge fan of canned goods, BUT WHEN SOMETHING IS THIS CLEAN (not to mention absolutely delicious), you buy it & you freaking devour it.


Aside from being soy free & gluten-free, coconut aminos have a low glycemic index, are packed with minerals, vitamin C & B vitamins & contain 17 different amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein & are therefore essential too our overall health, strength & nutrition!

What I love about coconut aminos is that you don’t feel like you are “missing out” on soy sauce because you get the same great flavour (if not better), with much less sodium, ergo LESS BLOAT & much more health perks!

I use this stuff like it’s nobody’s business!!! I use it in Asian dishes (OBVS), as a soy sauce substitute in basically anything you would use soy sauce for, i.e. noodle dishes, to dip sushi, stir fry etc., but I also use it in salad dressings, marinades, sauces, in soups, to season roasted/sautéed veggies, in cauliflower rice… BASICALLY, WHAT DON’T I PUT THIS ON?

My go-to one is by Naked Coconuts! I AM ALWAYS WELL STOCKED! (a.k.a. I don’t go a day where I don’t have this in my pantry. It’s legit a staple!).

Manitoba Harvest HEMP HEARTS

In a nutshell, hemp hearts are a perfect & natural blend of easily digested proteins, essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6), antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, iron, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin D, E, calcium, magnesium & THE LIST GOES ON. But basically, they are a more digestible protein than meat, eggs, cheese, milk or any other high-protein food! & they’re gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free & sugar-free!

I like to use hemp hearts in salad dressings, to make hemp milk, in baked goods to add healthy fats & protein, as well as for topping oats or Greek yogurt! They’re also great in savoury recipes & make great garnishes for power bowls or salads!


This flour blend is a great alternative to white, refined, processed flours & a perfect substitute for those on a gluten-free diet! It’s made with a nutritious blend of stone ground gluten-free grain & bean flours, making it high in protein & fiber!

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with tons of other ingredients in my baking recipes, but when I do use flour, this one is one of my gos-to! I’ve used it in cookies, pizza crusts, muffins & other baked loafs or treats!


Another great gluten-free four alternative! This one is made with none other than garbanzo beans (or chick peas!). As you guys know, chickpeas are a great source of plant-based protein. This flour is different than any other because it adds a sweet, rich but somewhat nutty flavour to baked goods, all while adding a substantial amount of protein, fibre & iron!

I like to use this for pizza crust or in baked treats! Do a quick search in the toolbar on the homepage of my blog to find out how I use this (HINT: MAKE MY CHICKPEA CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES & GO TO HEAVEN BYE!).


Matcha is basically high-grade, finely-ground, VERY CONCENTRATED green tea! So basically, when you consume matcha, you consume ALL OF GREEN TEA’S benefits in the MOST CONCENTRATED form & the heath benefits are AMPLIFIED!

It packs SO MANY BENEFITS, so I won’t go into every single one but I’ll tell you guys the reasons why I use it! It’s high in antioxidants, anti–carcinogenic, enhances calm & induces relaxation & can help those suffering from anxiety by increasing levels of dopamine in the brain, boosts memory, concentration & mood, increases energy & endurance, boosts metabolism, detoxifies the body, strengthens the immune system due to its antibiotic properties & vitamins and minerals& benefits exercise performance!

I use matcha in smoothies, to make matcha lattes & in protein/energy balls!


OKAY GUYS, I think it’s safe to say y’all know about the benefits of almonds (& same goes for cashews). But basically, they may for delicious, filling, satisfying, healthy fat & protein rich snacks & are super versatile in the kitch! It’s amazing what you can do with nuts with just a wee bit of imagination & effort!

I like to buy my nuts raw, organic & unsalted because I find that when they’re salted, you’re limited in terms of what you can do with them or what recipes you can add them to! I also prefer to go organic because I just feel more secure that way & I know that the nuts were treated better & are overall cleaner! In fact, nuts easily absorb pesticides due to the high oil content so it’s always best to purchase them organic (to ensure that they have not been treated with chemical or toxic ingredients or heated at temperatures that remove their nutrients!).

As for why I go raw? I just prefer the taste! If I want to roast them or if I need to for a certain recipe, I prefer to do it on my own!

These are the nuts I use to make my nut milks, cashew cheese, cookie dough bites, homemade nut butter, to munch on whenever the mood strikes me or as toppings for stir fries, salads, bowls etc.


To read all about the benefits of honey (when it’s raw, organic, unpasteurized & preferably local), check out my full blog post on healthier sweetener alternatives here: The Nitty-Gritty on Healthy Sugar Alternatives & Substitutes a.k.a. Nobody-Said-You-Couldn’t-Curb-Them-Sugar-Cravings-Just-Curb-‘Em-Wisely! 

I love this honey because;

1) It’s cheap! You can buy it in bulk at Costco (it comes in a 2-pack)!


3) It satisfies all my “honey requirements”! &

4) It’s creamed, so it’s even creamier & silkier than the nasty regular grocery-store honey that’s void of any nutrition whatsoever & adds a beautiful texture to whatever I am adding it to!


OK, so for me, dried fruit is a treat because it’s highly delicious & addicting so I try not to eat it everyday or I’ll go through bags of it, literally. It’s obviously a healthy snack, especially if you’re choosing it over candy, packaged or processed foods, but even though it contains natural sugar, it’s still very high in sugar, so it’s best to eat it in moderation!

My go-to dried fruits are dried mango & pineapple! I like the Central Roast dried mango because all that’s in it is ORGANIC DRIED MANGO. It contains ZERO preservatives & no added sugars (not even natural ones!). So it’s as clean as it gets!


This stuff is like crack. No joke. It’s organic, vegan, gluten-free, 76% cacao, allergen-free, naturally sweet, made with super clean ingredients, such as cocoa beans, unrefined sugar cane, cocoa butter, maple sugar, non-GMO, vanilla bean seeds & contains NO TREE NUTS, PEANUTS, SOY, MILK, WHEAT OR GLUTEN!



Chia seeds are legit SUPERFOODS. Just two tbsp. contain 64% more potassium than a banana, 6x more calcium than milk, 100% more omega-3 fatty-acids than salmon, 6x more iron than spinach 32% of your daily magnesium, double the antioxidants found in blueberries, 41% of daily fibre & more niacin than corn, rice & soy! I mean…

I use chia seeds in baking (to add a boost of nutrition or to make a vegan egg substitute!) & they also make a great topping for yogurt, add-in for smoothies & topping for sweet breakfast toast! Try these babies out & make chia pudding too! You’ll love it!


THIS IS MY FAVE ALMOND BUTTER FOR BAKING! Nope, it’s not organic, but like I always tell you guys, you gotta pick & choose what you do! And going organic in the almond butter department would get be a freaking budget for me given how much I bake! So this one does the trick!

When it comes to almond butter that I use on sprouted toast, rice cakes, with fruit or as a topping for oats/Greek yogurt, I either make my own (RECIPE HERE) or I use the Maranatha or Artisana Organics brands!


Shredded coconut has many benefits, some of which include: immune system boost, anti-viral, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial, helps with fatigue & digestive disorders, packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals & amino acids, rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium & electrolytes, supports one health, reduces the risk of heart disease, boosts metabolism & energy & rejuvenates the skin!

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS for baking! I often make protein bites with it, and have used it in cookie recipes or in my coconut crack bars (which you HAVE TO MAKE!). It also makes for a delicious topping for oats or Greek yogurt, and even sweet breakfast toast!


I’m sure you guys already know this but acai is a damn superfood. The main reasons for which I use it are to reduce the risk of unhealthy apoptosis, which is cell death, as well as to boost mental function, focus & sharpness of the mind, to get a good ‘ol dose of antioxidants, to regenerate damaged skin cells, to stimulate hair growth & to fight all the signs of aging!

This is a go-to for me in my smoothies & smoothie bowls!


OKAY, with all the baking that I do, I go through this stuff like underwear, no joke!

Another hack that I like to use this stuff in is to sweeten my Greek yogurt! Since I don’t buy the flavoured kind, sometimes I do find it a little bit bitter! Vanilla adds the perfect hint of sweetness, without adding much sugar (especially since you only need a very tiny amount, because it’s so concentrated) & is an amazing substitute for all the added sugars in flavoured yogurts!

When buying your vanilla extract, always make sure it’s pure & preferably organic. DO NOT BUY THE ARTIFICIAL KIND!

Wedderspoon MANUKA HONEY (K-FACTOR 16)

Manuka honey is one of the most unique & beneficial forms of honey in the world. What makes Manuka honey different from regular honey is its nutritional profile. Regular raw honey is already super nutritious & immune-boosting. But, with Manuka, you get up to 4 times the nutrition of normal flower honeys. This is what’s called the Unique Manuka Factor. It has a higher level of enzymes than regular honey, which create a natural hydrogen peroxide that works as an antibacterial.

Manuka honey helps reduce acid reflux & balance the digestive system to heal stomach & intestinal imbalances. It also helps fight acne & eczema. It helps heal intestinal inflammation & pain, repairs free radical damage & protects against further damage! It can also help with seasonal allergies & have an elixir effect that boosts energy & enhances overall quality of life!

I like to use this in turmeric lattes, matcha lattes, some baked goods & tea!

Yves Organic BLACK BEANS

OKAY guys, I think it’s safe to say that black beans are a very important part of my life! Yep, I’ve reached that point LOL. They are an AMAZING source of plant-based protein! They help prevent heart disease, boost the nervous system, help regulate blood sugar, detoxify, fight certain types of cancer due to their antioxidant content, help lower cholesterol, are anti-inflammatory, help improve digestion, are full of fibre & protein & contain tons of vitamins & minerals, such as: folate, manganese, magnesium, thiamin, phosphorus, iron, copper, potassium & zinc!

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF BLACK BEANS. I use these babies in all things from salads, to bowls, to chilis, to black bean mashes for sandwiches/pita wraps, to cookies to cakes to baked treats, to burgers! MY GOODNESS. WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT THESE BABIES?

Other brands I like? Eden Organic & BioItalia!


I know there’s controversy about these bars because of the words “natural flavours”, but they work for me! I absolutely LOVE the texture & taste! I find them super filling, great for busy on-the-go days & very clean ingredients-wise! My fave flavours are the chocolate sea salt, blueberry & the maple sea salt! And yes, the sugar content is relatively high compared to lower sugar bars, but it’s ALL NATURAL & that works for me too!

Simply Protein Bars

These are my go-to bars fo when I’m on the go! They have tons of different flavours so you are bound to find something you like! They’re super low in sugar, high in protein & are relatively clean ingredients-wise! The texture is INSANE, super crumbly, just the right amount of chewy & they are just the right amount of sweet! I absolutely ADORE THEM! My fave flavours are the chocolate peanut butter & the maple!


Amazing clean chocolate bar! This one is great because it also contains quinoa, which is an excellent source of plant-based protein, as you guys know (cause I don’t freaking shut up!). It’s super crunchy, has a nutty flavour & contains all 9 amino acids that our bodies need! It’s made with raw cane sugar, Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean, cacao beans, cocoa butter & quinoa! The ingredients are 100% organic & fair-trade certified!

Green & Black’s DARK CHOCOLATE

This is one of my go-to brands of chocolate! The ingredients are all ORGANIC & SUPER CLEAN & it’s freaking delicious! I like to have a piece or two of dark chocolate at the end of my day, after dinner as a little treat! The ingredients are: chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa, raw cane sugar & vanilla extract. THAT’S IT. No gums. No preservatives. No garbage.

Dark chocolate is actually known as a superfoods & has a ton of health benefits! The ones that are particular to me are heart health, better cognitive function & mental focus, regulates blood pressure & balances blood sugar & rich in antioxidants!


This is my favourite granola (& fave flavour!). All Purely Elizabeth granolas are damn delicious, but this one is on another level. The ingredients are ridiculously clean & it’s so good that I legit eat it out of the bag (KINDA DANGEROUS, TBH!), but it’s also amazing with oats, smoothies, Greek yogurt or as a topping for dairy-free ice creams!

Another plus about this one is that it contains a non-GMO vegan strain of probiotics, which survives the baking process, which means it’s gut & immune system boosting too! It’s also gluten-free, organic, sweetened with coconut sugar, baked with coconut oil & packed with healthy fats, such as walnuts, chia seeds & sunflower seeds!

Lundberg Farms THIN STACKERS

(I like the red rice & quinoa and brown rice ones!)

LOVE THESE RICE CAKES! They are gluten-free, light, crunchy, flavourful & thin! I love to top them with nut butters, homemade jam, other spreads, such as my spicy tomato jam, pestos, avocado, tuna salad, egg salad, etc. The possibilities are really endless with these babies! They are DELISH! 

P.S. They contain ZERO SUGAR!


So many people underestimate the power & nutrition of RAW ORGANIC cacao powder. It contains zero sugar, but tastes delicious, rich & indulgent, it provides a natural boost of energy, contains tons of antioxidants, is rich in magnesium, which helps with digestion & muscle recovery, boosts mood & helps fight certain mood disorders & symptoms of depression, contains fiber, is way less processed than the cocoa powder you buy at the grocery store (CHECK YOUR LABELS!!!!) & IS RAW!

As you guys know, I’m big on cacao powder! I use it in a lot of my baked recipes, such as my flourless chocolate cake, my famous vegan black bean cookies, protein balls, energy bites, loaves, other cookie recipes etc. I also like to use it in smoothies, as a topping for Greek yogurt, oats & cereal!

My other go-to brand for cacao powder is Cuisine Camino (Same as my shredded coconut), but lately I have been absolutely loving the taste of this one!


Same benefits as the oat flour listed above! These are my two fave brands & I’m always well stocked with both or at least one of them!

I use oats in basically everything, NO JOKE. From overnight oats to cookies to muffins, banana/zucchini & carrot loaves, protein bites, etc. They are SO versatile & such a healthier alternative to flour. I also ADORE the texture & taste!


Coconut flour packs all the benefits of coconut listed above (under the shredded coconut) & adds a fluffy, crumbly & delicious nutty-ish / sweet-ish / coconut-y flavour to baked goods! It’s a great gluten-free alternative to regular flour & packs a heck of a lot more health benefits, fibre & healthy fats!

I’ve tried many other brands & this one has got to be my favourite!


So I first discovered this brand when I started my blog & the company reached out to me to send me some product to try! And I have to say… WOW! Basically, it’s pasta made from chickpeas & it gives you 2x the protein, WAY LESS SUGAR, 4x the fibre & nearly half the net carbs of wheat noodles. And you would NEVER KNOW because you still get the same texture & feel as you would get from regular pasta! Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, a carnivore, vegetarian or paleo, odds are you are going to love this pasta!

If you need some pasta recipe inspo, just search terms like “penne”, “pasta”, “noodles”. “fettuccine” on my blog & you will find TONS!


Similar to the chickpea pasta, red lentil pasta is also packed with a host of health benefits! It’s plant-based protein at its finest and tastes just like pasta! It contains no corn, rice or fillers because legumes & peas is all that goes into them! They’ll boost your energy & provide you with all the benefits of lentils (listed above). They are completely allergen-free! And wait for it… One serving contains a whopping 19g of protein!!!!

My other go-to red lentil pasta is by Explore Cuisine!


Chaga is a superfood powder that packs a lot of health benefits & that you won’t even taste when incorporated into recipes! It helps reduce stress, prevent & fight certain types of cancer, promotes longevity, protects against candida & microbial infections (a.k.a. HEALTHY GUT FTW!), has anti-inflammatory properties, helps regulate the immune system, is a natural source of essential vitamins & minerals, a powerhouse of over 200 phytonutrients & acts as an adaptogen to help your body better cope with and manage stress!

I like to use it in smoothies, protein bites & granola bars!


I’m sure you’ve all heard about maca. IT’S ALL THE RAGE! And there’s reason for it! (or well, a few!). For me, the main benefits are balancing & regulating hormones, increasing energy & stamina, elevating “feel good” mood endorphins & helping the body adapt to, cope with & manage stress and anxiety! Ever since I started taking it, I’ve noticed that I don’t experience as much cramping or bloating when I get my period (TMI, sorry!!!!).

P.S. I only use a tsp. at a time! (Unless of course I’m incorporating it into a baked recipe, at which point I’ll increase the quantity to 2-3 tsp. or even a tbsp. depending on the size of the recipe!

ALSO, everyone is different. Some people don’t react well to maca, so you really have to test it out slowly & see if it works for you! I would definitely start out with just a teaspoon & gage it out.

I like to add maca to my smoothies, coffee & sometimes, to baked treats / protein bites! It has a natural, nutty, and slightly sweet taste to it. I would compare it to a middle ground between cinnamon & cacao powder!

Organic Traditions STEVIA LEAF POWDER

Stevia is a natural sweetener from the Amazon! It’s ideal for anyone watching their carb intake because it is one of the sweetest substances in nature but also the lowest on the glycemic index with NO EFFECT ON BLOOD SUGAR! This is the WHOLE FOOD GREEN LEAF POWDER, which has not been refined, processed or extracted. It adds delicious sweet flavour to recipes (BUT BE CAREFUL, IT’S VERY SWEET, so you can’t use it in the same ratio that you would use any other type of sweetener!). It contains no added flavours, fillers, preservatives, additives, sweeteners, stabilizers or anything else, basically!

I like to use this to sweeten my coffee! I don’t really use it much in baking, but it’s definitely a good sugar alternative if you’re someone who is really watching your sugar/carb intake or if you are at risk for or have diabetes.


This stuff is like candy. NO JOKE. Not because it’s filled with crap or refined sugars, processed ingredients, but simply because I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT. You will often find me eating this right out of the bag. When I’m not, I’m adding it as a topping for smoothies, Greek yogurt or overnight oats! I also love it as a topping on sweet sprouted breakfast toast with homemade almond butter, berries, banana slices & Ceylon cinnamon!

It’s made with super clean organic ingredients (just like all her other products), such as juicy mangoes, pineapple, sliced almonds, oats, ancient grains (amaranth, quinoa etc.) & superfood seeds (Chia + hemp!). It’s gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, contains no sodium & ranks you in at 5g of protein & 3g of fibre per serving!


This is my go-to fave tea after a night time workout or just on any random night before bed! It’s calming thanks to the chamomile, naturally sweetened thanks to the vanilla & the Manuka honey & packed with tons of health benefits thanks to the Manuka!

Pukka is my go-to brand for teas – they have amazing flavours and the combinations are so delicious that you hardly ever need to add any sweeteners!


Love these crackers with homemade spreads, nut butters &/or jam, topped with some strawberries or sliced pear & Ceylon cinnamon! They’re light, slightly sweet (thanks to the fig!) & they’re gluten-free, vegan & organic! They’re a great alternative to bread or other less natural crackers that are packed with salt & sugar.


THIS IS MY FAVE PROTEIN (& basically the only brand that I use, aside from the Vital Proteins, obvs!). It’s the one protein that I don’t find grainy!!! It blends in perfectly with whatever you’re mixing it with & leaves a smooth & creamy texture! You won’t even know it’s there!

So, this protein is vegan, organic, raw, sprouted & non-GMO. It’s made with brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, millet & pumpkin seeds! Each serving has 17g of plant-baed protein & provides a complete profile of essential (all 9) & non-essential amino acids! The protein from the brown rice is enzymatically extracted (without chemical solvents) from multiple layers of whole grain, including the bran germ & endosperm.

All the sprouts of the grains are germinated at room temperature, allowing them to retain nutrients that would otherwise be compromised during cooking!

PS. I’ve told you guys this before but sprouted grains & seeds have been shown to be higher in nutrients, like the B-vitamins, vitamin C & essential amino acids. Plus, there’s greater enzyme activity for improved digestibility & absorption!

I use this in smoothies, oatmeal, smoothie bowls, protein balls/bites, cookies & other baked goods!

Clef des Champs PSYLLIUM HUSK

Psyllium is the PERFECT NATURAL WAY TO STEP UP YOUR FIBRE GAME! BTW, a lot of us actually don’t manage to consume enough of it on a daily basis & some of us suffer from certain health conditions or concerns that could benefit from a little boost of fibre! 

SO: Psyllium husk is an edible  soluble fibre & prebiotic. Once it is consumed, it actually expands, which in turn promotes easy, healthy elimination & digestion by sweeping toxins out of the body more quickly & effectively.  It’s also great for the heart & regulating cholesterol levels and blood pressure! It can also help with TONS of medical conditions, anything from cancer to diabetes to heart disease to obesity and also helps treat acidity & balances pH levels.

I like to add this to my smoothies, oats, or baked goods (Check out my blog for a delicious gluten-free bread alternative that I made with this stuff!).

One thing that isn’t pictured here but that I ALWAYS have in my pantry is the Lesser Evil ORGANIC POPCORN WITH HIMALAYAN PINK SALT & COCONUT OIL! This stuff is made with JUST Himalayan salt & coconut oil! It’s gluten-free, kosher, vegan & packs a full serving of whole grains per serving! I haven’t been able to find a cleaner popcorn!

I hope you enjoyed this post guys!

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