Want Real, Raw & True? Jump.

Want Real, Raw & True? Jump.

What if I told you that the only thing standing in the way of your dreams was this bar?

What if I told you that all you had to do to reach for them is take the leap of faith & jump?

Would you take the risk & jump?

Or would you play it safe & stay on the other side?

The answers to this question is tough & far from obvious.

Jumping isn’t easy. Playing it safe is.

Jumping means you face reality. Playing it safe means you stay comfortable.

I won’t lie, for months, I was a sucker for playing it safe. I convinced & lied to myself every day that I wasn’t sick, that I’d magically get better, that my organs wouldn’t keep degrading & that one day, I’d be “normal” again & have the opportunity to know and feel happiness.

But truth be told, each of those statements was a lie I used to conceal the pain I incessantly struggled with.

It’s only when I jumped that I learned to be transparent with myself & the world.

It’s been about eight months since I’ve come out about my struggles & shared every single up & down of my journey with all of yousomething that’s been therapeutic & that more importantly, has brought me complete love, support & motivation.

I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as being too true,  too raw or too real. 

Coming from the deep dark cave where everything was used as a premise and a lie to conceal my eating disorder, being open & exposing my vulnerabilities has been 1 of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Jumping taught me to do & embrace all of that.

Had I stayed on the other side, I’d still be a slave to ED & what’s worse, I’d still be living the lie she got me caught up in.

Today, I’m recovered.

I’m vulnerable, human & strong.

I want you to know that you can be too so long as you be real, transparent & true to yourself & with others.

Transparency, vulnerability & realness don’t make you weak. They’re signs you’ve done what so many struggle with constantly: face reality.

I can’t be more grateful for the decision to face MY reality with all of YOU & show you that no matter how hopeless you feel, you aren’t alone in your struggles. Don’t run & hide from them. Face them head on. Live them.

JUMP. I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.



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