Don’t Search For Self-Love, Respect or Worth: It’s Right In Front Of You.

Don’t Search For Self-Love, Respect or Worth: It’s Right In Front Of You.

Self-love, self-respect & self-worth. There’s a reason they all start with “self”. You can’t find them in anyone but yourself”.

Throughout my life, I constantly sought and strived to gain the acceptance, impression and approval of others.

I pushed myself to attain unrealistic standards far beyond my limits & what my body could take.

My biggest mistake was that I did this to be the best version of myself, not for me, but for others.

I never really understood what people meant when they told me I needed to love myself first to fully be able to give of myself to others. All I wanted was to make others happy, make them value me, see my worth & respect me.

I also never really knew what it meant to rely on myself for strength, worth & happiness. If others didn’t see them in me, I wondered how I could ever see them in myself?

But, as I pursue this ongoing journey towards recovery, I continue to learn. I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with being alone, independent, self-driven & with relying on myself, my inner peace & mental stability for happiness & worth.

There’s no value in seeking the acceptance, impression and approval of others if you don’t first accept, impress and approve of yourself.

Standards mean nothing if they don’t symbolize something FOR YOU.

Pursuing standards that wreak havoc on my life FOR OTHERS is fruitless.

It was my reality for years & at the end of the day, the only one who suffered was me.

As cliché as it sounds, it really is true that you cannot love & give of yourself to others if you don’t fully love & give of yourself to YOU.

Today, I love myself more than ever & I’ve never in my life been more giving of myself to others, friends, family and strangers alike.

Love yourself.

Respect yourself.

Know your worth.

Live, breathe & radiate all those things & others will love & respect you & see your worth.

Seek approval from ONE PERSON & one person only: YOU.

Those who are worthy of your inner beauty will see it for all that it TRULY is & will naturally find their way into your life.

Those who don’t will try to push you to CHANGE & if you don’t, they’ll find their way out.

Reality is, you can’t & won’t win them all.

Don’t try to. Don’t change for anything or anyone.

Change for you.

Live for you. 


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