Happy 9-Month Recover-Anniversary To Moi!

Happy 9-Month Recover-Anniversary To Moi!

Today marks nine months to the day that I chose to recover from my eating disorder.

Nine months is a random anniversary, right? (Like, who celebrates 9 months?).

But to me, it’s a milestone.

Today, I’m nine months stronger, wiser, healthier & happier.

Today, let’s talk about TIME.

When you think about it, what is nine months in the grand scheme of things? What does nine months really signify in a lifetime?

To some, 9 months is the duration of a school year. To others, 9 months is the duration of a pregnancy.

To me, 9 months is the duration of time it took to get my life back.

At the end of the day, whether it’s 1 month, 3 months or 9 months, TIME really is what you make it.

Time is an intangible thing. It’s something you can’t hold, touch or feel.

It just passes.

Whether you make use of it, or watch it pass blindly, it’s going to pass anyway.

When I reached rock bottom, I was faced with two very contrasting options.

OPTION ONE: I could’ve continued to let time pass BLINDLY. To persist in my denial of my illness. To continue suffering & living with the uncertainty of whether or not I’d make it to tomorrow.

OPTION TWO: To continue letting time pass ACTIVELY. To accept & speak up about my illness. To halt the suffering, to take control of the uncertainty & turn it into confidence that my heart would continue to beat & that I’d make it to tomorrow.

Whether I chose option one or two, time would continue to pass anyway.

The difference was MY APPROACH towards the passing of time.

The blind approach was dangerous. It meant I would continue to live as the girl on the left. The girl who didn’t know whether a future awaited her. The girl who was sick like hell but who refused to fix it.

The active approach was safe. It meant I would get to live as the girl on the right. The girl who knew a bright & beautiful future was possible. The girl who is healthier than ever because she did everything in her power to fix it.

Nine months later, I’m proud to say I chose option two, that I’m the girl on the right & I’m RECOVERED.

We are all granted the gift of time.

Use it wisely.

Invest in yourself.

There is so much you can do. So much you can become.

So much risk. So much opportunity.

It’s all right there in front of you.

You have all the tools to make it happen. Use them.


1 thought on “Happy 9-Month Recover-Anniversary To Moi!”

  • Congratulations on your anniversary in regards to recovery. You look super beautiful and healthy.

    I too am an advocate for Mental Health especially in the Black & African community.
    Not only do I strive to be a voice for women who feel oppressed, rejected, abused and broken, but want to educate communities (correctly) in addition to breaking stigma surrounding the topic.

    Again well done for bringing light to a topic that many may know about but may not have lived experience of x

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