Why I (ALSO) Love A Night Time Workout!

Why I (ALSO) Love A Night Time Workout!

Okay, guys, there is nothing like spin circuit class to make you go from 100 to zero real quick! As you know, I LOVE a good morning workout for all its benefits. BUT, I also LOVE my night workouts!

Ok but wait, HOLD UP: How on earth do I chose them over binge watching Grey’s Anatomy?!

Let me explain!

  1. Working out at night is the perfect opportunity to let out frustration & stress after a tough &/or long day! It’s probably the most positive way of dealing with it (as opposed to letting it out on family members or friends or anyone around you, for that matter!
  2. Not only is it a great way to let out frustration, but it’s also a good way to de-stress,  let go of everything that awaits you tomorrow, press pause & give yourself time to unplug & unwind. 
  3. It helps you sleep better (& deeper)! After a night workout, getting into bed feels THAT much better!
  4. It teaches you dedication, commitment & gives you motivation. It’s easy to come home after a long day & say “I’m too tired, I’m skipping it” but if you get into a consistent routine, night workouts will become a part of you & become easier with time!
  5. Research has shown that muscle function & strength peak in the PM & that we can go up to 20% longer in the evenings & at higher intensity! (Cortisol levels are higher in the morning & this can inhibit muscle growth, while testosterone is higher at night, which boosts muscle growth).
  6. You hit the sheets feeling accomplished & in a great mood! (Thanks to all the endorphins released during your workout!).
  7. You’re fuelled up food-wise so your muscles have all the energy they need to work their hardest! 
  8. It gives you something to look forward to all day & is a great precursor for staying on track with healthy eating because you know a workout is waiting for you!
  9. Working out at night may benefit your metabolism! 

Personally, I like to switch it up between morning & night workouts and there are obviously pros & cons to both, depending on your lifestyle, work/life balance & personal preferences!

BUT: All this to say, there is NO right time to do it.

Do what works for you & what makes you feel your absolute best.

Be proud of yourself for taking on the challenge & fitting it into your schedule in the first place & FIT IT IN WHENEVER POSSIBLE!

There’s no better feeling than a workout & I don’t care at what time of the day it is – A workout is a workout. Get it in.



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