My Holy Grail Products From Sephora a.k.a. Your VIB Sale Must-Buys!

My Holy Grail Products From Sephora a.k.a. Your VIB Sale Must-Buys!


AND NO… I DON’T MEAN XMAS! Although that’s coming up real soon! WHAT I DO MEAN… IS… DRUMROLL PLEASE…


And of course, being the product junkie that you all know I am, I figured it would be a great idea to get all my faves down for you guys!!! Most, if not all, of these products are things I’ve been using for years & that I’ve purchased & repurchased time & time again! SO YEP, safe to say they are my HOLY GRAILS.



  • MARC JACOBS COCONUT DEW YOU? DEW DROPS: Amazing primer/base for under foundation, gives a beautiful dewy finish & a nice highlight & helps even out the skin tone before applying makeup. CLICK HERE TO BUY.
  • YSL ALL HOURS FOUNDATION (Colour: BD40): AMAZING coverage &  super buildable! The colour might seem light at first, but once applied, it oxidizes, adapts to your skin tone & is perfect! It won’t become cake or grey even after a long day’s worth of wear! CLICK HERE TO BUY.
  • TARTE COSMETICS CLAY STICK FOUNDATION (Colour: Tan Sand): My absolute GO-TO. Provides amazing coverage, super buildable & doesn’t leave oily finish or residue! It also won’t crinkle when you apply powder or concealer over it! CLICK HERE TO BUY.
  • ORIGINS GINZING TINTED MOISTURIZER WITH SPF 40: This is my all-time favourite tinted moisturizer! It contains both caffeine & ginseng, so it’s basically makeup & skincare all-in-one! It contains SPF-40, so you can skip a step in your routine! This is my go-to make up for the gym because it doesn’t clog my pores & gives a nice sheer & dewy finish that doesn’t look overly done! It can’t be worn alone or under/mixed in with foundation. It also totally adapts to your skin colour! CLICK HERE TO BUY.
  • MAKE-UP FOREVER ULTRA-HD MICRO FINISHING LOOSE POWDER: I have been using this setting powder for about 5 years, no joke! It’s amazing, gives a beautiful matte finish, but doesn’t dry out the skin & doesn’t look white or cake!
  • FIRST AID BEAUTY TRIPLE PROTECTION SKNI TINT (Colour: Medium): This tinted moisturizer contains SPF, is made with goji berry & like the Origins one, is also great for workouts or busy days running errands when you don’t want to cake on all the makeup! It gives medium coverage, isn’t oily & leaves a beautiful finish!


  • KEVYN AUCOIN SENSUAL SKIN ENHANCER (Colour: SX11): Amazing coverage, like no-other! It can be used as a concealer or a foundation! A little goes a long way, it’s super pigmented, thick & creamy and has a beautiful finish!
  • NARS COSMETICS RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER (Colours: Ginger & Biscuit): Been using this concealer for about 5 years now! It never ever disappoints. It gives amazing coverage & a nice creamy finish! I can’t seem to find my PERFECT colour so I like to mix these two to get the perfect blend!
  • KAT VON D BEAUTY LOCK IT CONCEALER CREAM (Colour: M17 Warm): Best concealer to cover dark spots! I also use this as a highlighter sometimes, which is why I get a lighter colour! It is super pigmented & provides amazing coverage!
  • BENEFIT COSMETICS ROLLER LASH MASCARA: Best brush ever. Separates lashes super well, leaves no clumps, is super pigmented & gives that long spider lash effect!
  • BUXOM COSMETICS MASCARA: Gives amazing length & volume, a little more natural looking than the Benefit mascara & it’s super easy to use!
  • TATCHA GOLD SPUN CAMELLIA LIP BALM: Super nourishing & hydrating without being sticky or oily! I absolutely LOVE using this during (if I have a sec) & after my workout when I do my post-workout skincare routine!
  • TOM FORD CREAMY & POWDER EYE COLOR (Colour: Young Adonis): If you suck at doing eyeshadow like moi, this is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY. It’s pricey, but it has a beautiful pigment, is super easy to apply (& you can do so in just seconds!).
  • FRESH BEAUTY SUGAR LIP POLISH: Smells delicious, super gentle, yet still exfoliating! I’ve been using this for ages & it leaves my lips feeling super hydrated & with a nice plump finish.
  • PERRICONE MD NO LIPSTICK LIPSTICK: Super natural, very hydrating & nourishing, amazing ingredients & basically, the most PERFECT PINK!
  • GIVENCHY LE ROUGE PERFECTO PERFECT PINK LIP BALM: I always keep this baby in my purse & apply it throughout the day when my lips start feeling dry or chapped! It’s plumping, hydrating & brings out your natural lip colour!
  • BECCA COSMETICS LIQUID CRYSTAL LIP TOPPER GLOW GLOSS: My all-time fave lip gloss! I’m not a huge gloss girl, but this one is not too shiny, but has just the right amount of shimmer & not overly sticky!


  • SEPHORA CANADA BRUSHES 201 + 204: These are the best all-around brushes for contour, blush, highlighter & powders. If you don’t have a huge brush collection going, you should definitely start out with these babies! You can basically apply all of your makeup with these! (Unless you are eyeshadow-obsessed!).
  • BECCA COSMETICS CHRISSY TEIGEN PALETTE: This is the BEST blush & bronzer. It also comes with two highlighters that are pretty, but a bit too pink for my liking. Overall, this palette is still worth the price because of how gorgeous the bronzer & blush are!
  • KEVYN AUCOIN IRIDESCENT GLOW HIGHLIGHT (Colour: Ibiza): My new favourite highlight! It’s beautiful, super illuminating, leaves a nice bright & glow finish. It won’t leave a cake-y residue & even comes with some light pink/lilac tones!
  • NARS COSMETICS BRONZER (Colour: Laguna): I’ve been wearing this since college & I have never given it up! Like, it’s a constant re-buy for me! The colour is perfect, it has amazing pigment & a little goes a long way! I absolutely LOVE this for contour!
  • NARS COSMETICS BLUSH (Colour: Torrid): Prettiest pink ever. ‘NUFF SAID.
  • BECCA COSMETICS PRESSED SHIMMERING SKIN PERFECTOR (Colour: Opal): A freaking classic! Beautiful dewy highlight, nice glow & just the right amount of shimmer!


  • DRUNK ELEPHANT SKINCARE C-FIRMA DAY SERUM: IMO, this is the best Vitamin C serum out there! I know it’s pricey, but it’s worth every penny! It contains tons of antioxidants & a compound that actually turns into vitamin D to help keep your skin bright & firm! For me, this helped the most with redness & uneven skin texture / tone!
  • DRUNK ELEPHANT SKINCARE TLC GLYCOLIC ACID SERUM: This is one of my go-to night serums. It’s an anti-aging serum that contains AHA/BHA, which lightly exfoliates, as well as antioxidants and anti-irritants! It’s super lightweight & is great for any & all skin types (but it is a strong product, so keep that in mind if you have super sensitive skin!). For me, it has helped refine & resurface, made my skin smoother & more radiant, helped with my skin texture & unclog my pores!
  • SUNDAY RILEY GOOD GENES LACTIC ACID: I cannot go a week without this! it leaves my skin feeling plump & glowing & has done wonders for my redness, dark spots & hyper pigmentation! It’s a very powerful product, so you shouldn’t use it every night (I use it every second night!). For my full review on this product, click here: All About Lactic Acid & Good Genes & Luna Sleeping Night Oil by Sunday Riley a.k.a. My-Secret-To-Radiant-Luminuous-Glowing-Red-Carpet-Worthy-Skin!
  • ORIGINS PLANTSCRIPTION SERUM: This serum packed over 20 plant extracts to fight all the signs of aging! The ingredients are super clean, packed with vitamin C & tons of vital nutrients & vitamins to help rejuvenate skin cells, replenish the skin & keep it glowing and radiant!
  • PETER THOMAS ROTH RETINOLNIGHT SERUM: I only use this in the winter time. It contains tons of vitamin C & E to help counteract the drying effects of retinol! It also helps improve skin texture & tone, fights aging & encourages skin cell rejuvenation & renewal!
  • SUNDAY RILEY C + E MOISTURIZER OR KATE SOMERVILLE GLOW MOISTURIZER: Both AMAZING! It’s a really close tie between these two! I am obsessed with both. They’re both super thick, creamy & rich in texture and leave my skin feeling glowing, bright & hydrated, but never oily!
  • PETER THOMAS ROTH HYALURONIC ACID CLOUD CREAM: This is my fave ever hydrating moisturizer! I always use it after my workouts. The main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which is super hydrating, anti-aging & retains up to 20x of your skin’s moisture! It leaves skin feeling fresh, clean & rejuvenated!
  • YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE AGE PREVENTION CLEANSER: This is my all-time favourite morning cleanser! It leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean & hydrated! It contains super clean & nourishing ingredients, is great for sensitive skin & has no harsh ingredients!
  • ORIGINS MEGA MUSHROOM SKIN RELIEF MICELLAR CLEANSER: This is my fave cleanser for post-workout! It gets off all my makeup, dirt & sweat. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed & clean, but not dry! It’s super hydrating & nourishing & is made with mushrooms, so it’s SUPER CLEAN! what’s also great about this product is that you don’t need to rinse it off – it’s a one stop shop, baby!
  • TATCHA CAMELLIA CLEANSING OIL: This is still new to me, but I am absolutely adoring it! It leaves skin feeling moisturizer & hydrated, but not oily! It gets off all my makeup, even my most stubborn waterproof mascara!
  • DR. DENNIS GROSS C-COLLAGEN MIST: I keep this stuff on me ALL THE TIME! I love it after workouts or at the end of the day if my skin is feeling dry or worn out! It’s super nourishing and contains collagen… SO YA KNOW! Winning!
  • PETER THOMAS ROTH POWER K EYE RESCUE EYE CREAM & DRUNK ELEPHANT SHABA COMPLEX EYE SERUM: This is the perfect combination to fight & reduce my dark circles. They’re both super anti-aging, contain amazing ingredients, that are super clean & nourishing! I mix these together on the front of my hand & then apply them as one! They are the two products that have genuinely helped with my dark circles the most.
  • PETER THOMAS ROTH FIRM-X PEELING GEL: This is the best exfoliant in the game, my loves! It’s my go-to! You use it & literally see the dead skin fall off! It’s non-irritating, super gentle, contains no exfoliating beads & causes absolutely ZERO redness. It leaves a nice cooling effect on the skin & is great for sensitive skin! It also contains some great ingredients, such as enzymes & cellulose, which leave the skin smooth & nourished! To read my full post all about this babe of a product, click here: Beauty Product Review: Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Exfoliator a.k.a. Buh-Bye Dead Skin, Hello Freshness!
  • TATA HARPER SKINCARE CLARIFYING MASK: This is my ALL-TIME FAVE MASK for unclogging pores & for when my skin feels like it needs a refresher or when it feels overly dry! It contains amazing all-natural ingredients & doesn’t dry out my skin or strip it of its natural oils.
  • PERRICONE MD COCOA MOISTURE MASK: I have been using this for over six months! It’s super hydrating, contains amazing ingredients, and leaves the skin feeling plump & soft AF. It smells delicious & feels absolutely amazing on the skin!
  • COMMODITY FRAGRANCES GOLD PERFUME: This is the BEST PERFUME ever. The smell in this stuff is like NO OTHER! It reminds me of my Amber stick by Nemat Fragrances.
  • PETER THOMAS ROTH 24K GOLD EYE PATCHES: These are simply put, LIFE. I use them about 2-3 times a week! They contain amazing ingredients, one of which is… COLLAGEN! They’re super hydrating, non-irritating or burning. What’s different about these than others I’ve used is that they stay on perfectly & you get instant results!


NOW, fill them carts, if you haven’t already!!


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