Why Be Anyone But Yourself?

Why Be Anyone But Yourself?

Yes, sometimes it’s hard to share my life on social media. Not because I don’t love to do it, or because it makes me uncomfortable or because I feel compelled to.

If anything, I absolutely ADORE doing it & I am BEYOND passionate about it. I’ve become more comfortable with you guys than I ever thought possible (You guys are legit my INSTAFAM) & I most certainly do not feel compelled to do itI just LIVE & take you with me for the ride & doing this is now something I LIVE, LOVE & BREATHE! 

Why is it hard? It’s hard because throughout this journey, I’ve come to realize that the choice to put myself out there on social media comes with a price, that of subjecting myself to the possibility of hate.

But I’ve also learned that it comes with the package. Not everyone will love me or what I do & I’ve come to terms with it & accepted it as I’ve grown into this beautiful passion.

This would never force me into changing or altering the way I live my life to satisfy those who aren’t down with it nor would it ever push me to stop doing what I do, but it’s still there.

It has gotten easier with time & with that ease, I’ve also realized that in life, you’ll NEVER be able to satisfy everyone.

Someone is bound to have something to say & you just have to accept that you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

Knowing that should NEVER get in the way of you being YOUR TRUE & REAL SELF. You should never feel like you have to skew or alter your opinions, thoughts, behaviours or way of life to satisfy somebody else.

You’re unique because of all the weird, bizarre, fun, crazy & different things that make you YOU.

If you feel like you need to change for something or someone, think twice.

Know that whatever that thing is or whoever that someone is, they aren’t worth it.

Know your worth.

Know your beauty.

Know your uniqueness.

Embrace what makes you different.

Do what makes you happy.

Live like you were meant to.

Those who love you for who you are & everything that you encompass are the ones you should strive for, cherish & fight to keep in your life.

If we all fit the same mould, there’d be no room for growth or to learn from or love one another.


I love you for it <3.



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