Why Sometimes The Rocks, Bumps, Falls & Hardships Are Worth It (Even If They Hurt & Leave A Few Scars)

Why Sometimes The Rocks, Bumps, Falls & Hardships Are Worth It (Even If They Hurt & Leave A Few Scars)

Reality check: In life, not everything will always go as planned.

As human beings, we have a natural & innate tendency to look into the future, to plan for perfectly paved scenarios that we WANT to happen & that seem plausible in the moment. This gives us sense of purpose, direction & helps us commit to goals.

What we often fail to realize is that plans aren’t equated with certainty. That’s why they’re called plans.

Sometimes, when things aren’t working out, as they “should”, we just have to breathe, stop worrying, wondering, dwelling & doubting. We must have faith in ourselves & the mere passing of time that things will work out, maybe not exactly how we pictured them or mapped out, but how they were meant to be.

I know, it sounds cliché. But, I always speak from first-hand experience.

Do you think my eating disorder was part of my “perfectly-mapped-out-plan-for-life”? NO.

Do you think that my anxiety that resulted from it was something I aspired to or longed for? NO.

Do you think I I wanted to take a break from my career? NO.

Do you think I craved the pain, anguish, suffering, sadness, anger & frustration I went through? NO.

But, recovery taught me that sometimes, it’s amazing how you can get SO FAR from where you planned & yet find it was exactly where you needed to be.

And no, I’m not here telling you I NEEDED to develop ED, per se.

But, I can sit here & mourn the loss of what I thought my life would be.

I can cry over spilled milk.

  • Over the years I lost.
  • The damage I did to my body.
  • The people who weren’t there.
  • The fun I didn’t have.
  • The tears I cried.
  • The fainting spells.
  • The fears I couldn’t face.
  • The events I didn’t go to.

Or, I can acknowledge that it happened & EMBRACE IT because overcoming each & every single one of those things opened doors for even better opportunities.

It taught me that I can’t always have control over everything (& that’s okay).

It showed me the beauty of life & allowed me to appreciate the gift I’m given everyday when I wake up with a beating heart.

It taught me to believe that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

Sometimes, the reason isn’t obvious & sometimes, it’s hard to believe.

BUT: In retrospect, I look back on my life with a clear mind, an open heart, fire in my soul & light in my eyes & I’m thankful my perfectly paved plan didn’t happen. Not necessarily because it wouldn’t have worked out but rather because I may not have gotten where I am without the bumps, rocks, falls & hardships.

Whatever you’re going through right now:


Go through it.

Feel it.

Don’t cry because it’s not what you planned for.

Live it.

Overcome it.

GROW from it.


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