Just A Lil’ Bit Of Fitness Motivation (& Why Morning Workouts Are Great!)

Just A Lil’ Bit Of Fitness Motivation (& Why Morning Workouts Are Great!)

There really is no better way to start my Friday morning than with a sweat sesh. (Bonus if said sweat sesh involves a spin bike & Mindie Salonin!!).

Yesterday, I got to my spin class & I won’t lie, I was legitimately half asleep, TBH.

Fast forward to a really long hour later (after I may or may not have glanced at the clock like 20x… NBD) & suddenly, I’m the energizer bunny feeling on top of the world.

If you lack the motivation to work out or if it’s hard for you to incorporate it into your daily routine because you have a million other things to do & take care of, a full-time job, kiddies to juggle, a hubby/boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé(e)/wifey to feed, exams to study for, or whatever else is keeping you busy, why not get it in first thing in the morning? (LIGHT BULB IDEA, RIGHT?).

But why workout in the morning when you have all day to contemplate whether you’ll have the time to fit it in, right?

Well, if you know you have the discipline to commit to your afternoon / night-time workouts, GO FOR IT (& good on you!). I work out at night sometimes too & absolutely LOVE the feeling of getting home from a workout & having nothing else to do but relax,. BUT, on days where I have a million things to do, it feels SO AMAZING to get my workout in before any of the hectic stuff starts!

PLUS, working out in the morning can bring tons of other benefits to your life!

  • You’ll start your day off feeling accomplished, successful & motivated. I MEAN, what’s better than feeling like YOU’RE GETTING THINGS DONE!?
  • It will encourage you to eat healthy throughout the day! When you start your day off “on the right side of the bed” (or rather, ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SPIN BIKE… you catch my drift, right?), you’ll be less tempted to go for unhealthy, fast-food options throughout the day!
  • When you make exercise part of your AM routine, you’ll be less likely to skip it for other obligations that may arise throughout the day (having to work late, an impromptu dinner/drinks night with friends, etc).
  • You’ll feel less stressed when you get to work! You’ll feel empowered, ready to tackle your day & mentally, you’ll feel great about your work-life balance!
  • You’ll be HUNGRY AF when you’re done & that means, you’ll actually take the time to EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST & y’all know how important that is, right? In case you don’t, read THIS: HEALTH TIP: Why You Shouldn’t Use Busy As An Excuse To Skimp On Breaky!
  • If you exercise in the morning, before breakfast, research suggests that you can burn up to 20% more body fat! BUT… this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t refuel right after it! DON’T WAIT UNTIL LUNCH. You want to kickstart your metabolism & keep your appetite in tune & on track to reduce the mid-afternoon HANGRINESS! (That isn’t a word, but you know what I mean).
  • You’ll start your day feeling amazing & in an awesome mood because of the boost of endorphins from your workout!
  • You’ll have more energy during your workout! If you’re working out first thing in the morning, you’re doing it after a full night of sleep, so your body should be well-rested & you should have more energy at the beginning of the day than the end (I mean, unless you pulled an all-nighter!).
  • Working out in the morning gives your metabolism a nice boost!

AND REALLY… Truth be told, odds are, you’ll probably spend that hour sleeping or being awake but not really doing much because it’s EARLY AF. So why not make use of that time more wisely?

Easier said than done, I know. But it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It just means you have to put in the work. Think about it… by the time the rest of the world is awake, you could be done your workout, in a great mood, full of energy & ready to tackle your day! Trust me, it’s worth it.

I went into class yesterday not knowing how I’d get through it but I surprised myself & I did. You can too. The rest of my day flew by. I felt amazing, energized, focused & motivated. YEP, all that… on a freaking FRIDAY.

And what’s even more crazy? Months ago, tell me I’d be doing THIS & then running to work for a full day of legal shenanigans & I’d probably look at you & question your sanity.

What a difference eight months can make.

I’m so freaking grateful.



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