HEALTH TIP: Why You Shouldn’t Use Busy As An Excuse To Skimp On Breaky!

HEALTH TIP: Why You Shouldn’t Use Busy As An Excuse To Skimp On Breaky!

Yes, I eat a breakfast this big, this nutritious & this complete even when I have to get to work in the morning because I see & value the importance in doing just that.


Mornings are busy. It’s easy to let breakfast fall low on our list of priorities. BUT I have the time because I make it.

Yes, I wake up earlier.

No, my mornings are by no means effortless.

Yes, I have a million things to do before I actually leave my house in the morning & I’m basically running around like a chicken without a head.

No, I don’t wake up & just chill.

& Yes, my mornings are what one would define as “on-the-go”.

BUT that’s just the way I like it.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to start my day without breaky, let alone one this filling, fuelling & satisfying!

Guess what? You also have the time. We all do. You just have to WANT TO MAKE IT.

A good, nutritious, filling breakfast is a great first step to adopting a healthier lifestyle & to start MAKING the time for.

Don’t use work or a hectic day ahead as a reason or excuse to skimp on your health.

You need your body to sustain you TODAY, right? So nourish it!

• Breakfast provides the body & brain with fuel after an overnight fast (literally). Without it, you’re tackling your day while running on empty (& you’d never do that to your car, now would you? So DON’T DO IT TO YOUR BODY!).

• Breakfast gives you that boost of energy to start your day & provides great sources of important nutrients, like calcium, iron, B vitamins, protein & fibre, all of which are NECESSARY & VITAL to give you a great kickstart to your day.

How come?

Calcium: Your heart, muscles & bones need calcium to function properly. Adequate calcium intake is necessary not only because it’s a major competent of our bones. BUT, because it also plays a vital role in keeping our organs & skeletal muscles working properly.

The body gets the calcium it needs for basic functions by releasing the calcium stored in our bones into the blood through bone remodelling, which is basically the process by which our bones are broken down & rebuilt constantly. Bone density drops when bone breakdown outpaces bone formation, a.k.a. when you’re not getting enough calcium & there isn’t enough to be released into the blood to remodel your bones! This is why it’s crucial to maintain an adequate lev el of calcium IN THE BLOOD to prevent the body from drawing it out of the bones.

Think of it as a fight or flight mechanism. If the body isn’t getting enough calcium supply through nutrition, it must feed off whatever your bones have stored, therefore weakening your bones!

Iron: Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, which is the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to transport it throughout the body. It represents 2/3 of the body’s iron. Basically, if you don’t have enough iron, your body cannot make enough healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells, which may lead to iron deficiency anemia. Without healthy red blood cells, your body doesn’t get enough oxygen supply & this leads to FATIGUE & WEAKNESS. And I’m not just talking physical exhaustion… THIS TYPE OF EXHAUSTION can affect everything from your brain function & focus to you immune system’s ability to fight infection.

Iron is also great for maintaining healthy cells, skin, hair & nails.

B vitamins: ENERGY. ENERGY. ENERGY. FUEL. FUEL. FUEL. B12 is a super energy booster, helps burn fats & carbs for energy, helps form healthy red blood cells & without it…. YOU CAN SUFFER FROM MILD FATIGUE TO SEVERE EXHAUSTION. Folic acid, B6 + B12 also improve mood! They play a role in the formation of serotonin & other neurotransmitters & may help with symptoms of depression or other mood disorders. B vitamins are also necessary for maintaining healthy vision, healthy bones, staying sharp & focused & preventing heart disease.

Protein: READ ALL ABOUT WHY YOU NEED IT DAILY (& why some of it should be swapped for plant-based sources… RIGHT OVER HURRRRRRR: It’s 2017: Let’s Plant-Based-Protein-It-Up! Ya Dig? (No Pun Intended!)

Fibre: OKAY… DIGESTION GUYS., DIGESTION. Soluble fibre basically soaks up water, which helps ya know… & allows it to pass through the gut more easily…TMI… YOU CATCH MY DRIFT. It slows down the rate of digestion, which is then counteracted by insoluble fibre, which speeds up the time the food takes to pass through the gut. IF YOU LACK FIBRE, especially the insoluble kind, you can suffer from serious GI problems, such as constipation, IBS, colitis & haemorrhoids. Soluble fibre is also great to protect against heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol. High fibre nutrition also slows glucose absorption from the small intestine into the blood, reducing the possibility of sugar highs (insulin surges). Fibre is therefore great for people with diabetes or for preventing it!

• Breakfast also helps restore glucose levels, a carb needed for our brains to function. It can help improve memory, focus & make you happier as it can improve mood & lower stress levels.

• Eating breakfast also has long-term benefits, such as healthy weight maintenance, regulating high blood pressure, reducing heart disease/diabetes & fostering a healthier routine & way of life!



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