In It For The Long Haul & Trust Me, It’s Worth It!

In It For The Long Haul & Trust Me, It’s Worth It!

When I embarked on this journey to recover from my eating disorder, there were days where I would find myself questioning why it was taking longer than I wanted.

Why I couldn’t just snap out of the disordered mental & emotional mess I found myself in.

Why recovery wasn’t something I could attain instantly.

Why it required so much work when I’d already suffered so much.

Why I couldn’t literally just wake up one morning & be recovered.

Those days were hard & made me question my choice to recover entirely.

I wondered what the point was when progress seemed so little & my ultimate goal seemed so far out of reach.

But like anything that’s worth fighting for in life, recovery requires hard work, dedication & patience.

Overtime, I realized that although I wasn’t there yet, I was closer than I was yesterday.

Every day that I woke up & chose recovery all over again was a day I woke up & didn’t relapse. That’s what kept me going.

Taking on a challenge like recovery requires a positive mind & attitude. It’s easy to get down on yourself, to let all the negative emotions & lack of progress take the stand & fail to acknowledge the baby steps & the potential & beauty in the life that awaits you post-recovery.

But truth is, that’s what you have to do.

You have to fight what’s trying to bring you down & acknowledge that the choice you made to recover in the first place is probably one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. But it’s also the most rewarding.

You can & will reap all the rewards that come with it so long as you LET YOURSELF.

As someone who suffered from ED, I know how easy it is to set ridiculously high unrealistic & unhealthy standards for yourself.

But, the goal in recovery is to let go of that tendency.

To be able to live a carefree, beautiful & spontaneous life, where true happiness takes precedence over standards.

Where standards still exist but they’re manageable, attainable, realistic & healthy.

You’re worth so much more than a standard or a norm. Don’t let it kill you.

Nobody has greater control over your life & your being than you.

You have the power to turn it around, but in having that power, you must also know it won’t happen instantly.

& that’s what makes it THAT MUCH MORE REWARDING.


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