My Favourite Makeup Brushes a.k.a. The Best Tools To Get You Looking Flawless!

My Favourite Makeup Brushes a.k.a. The Best Tools To Get You Looking Flawless!

Hi lovies! 


Let’s make a little switch from the food & health posts to discuss my favourite makeup brushes! (Although let me tell ya, the switch won’t last that long. I’ve got tons more food + health related stuff coming your way TODAY! So stay tuned!). BUT FOR NOW, MAKEUP BRUSHES!!

I feel like for anyone who is not a makeup artist & who doesn’t have expertise in this domain, makeup brushes are a tricky thing.

  • It’s like, we never really know what to use them for, what they’re actually made for, which ones are better for our face… THEY ALL LOOK THE FREAKING SAME.
  • And it’s pretty overwhelming.
  • & I am definitely NO PRO. I also don’t really experiment with much eye makeup, so you can be sure none of my faves are eyeshadow brushes.

But, I think I’ve got the basics down-packed (so I figured, WHY NOT UN-CONFUSE YOU?). I’ve been using most of these brushes for quite a while now & they really are my go-to’s!

Now, let’s get right into it! I’ll tell you which ones are my fave & what I use them for! (THEN YOU CAN GO BUY THEM! If you want!).



This is the brush I like to use for all my loose powders, so anything from bronzer (when I wear it all over my face, which is pretty rare ’cause I prefer to just use tinted moisturizer/foundation & then contour!) to setting powders.

It feels super soft on the face & leaves a beautiful even finish! It’s definitely a thicker & wider-shaped brush so I wouldn’t recommend it for powders that are meant to target certain areas of the face, such as blush or highlighter! We’ll get to those soon!

P.S. My fave setting powders are:

  • Kat Von D Lock It Setting Powder
  • Makeup Forever Ultra HD Micro-finishing Loose Powder
  • Laura Mercier Transluscent Loose Setting Powder

You can get the brush at Sephora & it retails for $94… I know, IT’S FREAKING EXPENSIVE. But I’ve literally had it forever & it lasts. It’s worth the investment.

  • QUO 03 BRUSH!

This one is also great to apply any & all setting powders! It’s also super soft & gentle on the skin & distributes the powder evenly!



This is the brush I like to use for highlighter! Especially when I want to get really close to my bottom lash line (which, as you all know, I FREAKING LATHER IN MASCARA, #spiderlashesftw!).

It’s super soft & allows for a great amount of precision & really gets the highlighter just where I want it!

You can get it at Pharmaprix (Sorry my loves, if you aren’t from Montreal, but no worries, I’ve got another one or two up my sleeve that will work to apply highlighter as well!) & it retails for $20!



This is one of the two brushes that I always rave about as the ones that you can pretty much do all your makeup with! This baby is made for powder & blush! I think it’s my absolute favourite brush & I literally do not go a day without using it.

The powder end of the brush can be used for setting power, all-over bronzer or contour! I’m not really into the whole all-over the face bronzer thing, but I do love a soft, flawless contour & this baby gets it right overtime.

The blush end is the PERFECT size, not too big, not too small! It dusts on the product with a soft & smooth finish & really lets you build coverage (so if you’re someone who LOVES a nice rosy cheek, like me… like I mean, IF YOU OVERDO IT ON THE BLUSH, then you’ll love this baby!).


This is the other one of the two that you can pretty much do it all with! This one is made for contour (shape) & highlight! I prefer to use it for highlight than for contour simply because I like the 201 (the powder side of it) better for contour because I don’t like when my contour is overly defined/harsh. If you’re someone who likes a very defined contour, you’ll absolutely LOVE THIS ONE!

BUT OH MAN. FOR HIGHLIGHT… This brush is gold. It dusts on the product perfectly, it looks flawless & it really gets into the little creases & allows for the perfect amount of precision (you can get under your eyes to apply your highlighter without turning your bottom-lash mascara white or beige, if ya know what I mean!).


This is the brush I keep in my purse at all times because it’s super compact! What I love about it is that it’s angled, so I could use it for contour/bronzer, but I could also easily use it for blush & highlighter if I need to reapply on-the-go! 

The bristles are super soft & it provides a smooth finish. OHHH & all this… for a measly $6. Yep, you read right. $6. GET IT.



I absolutely LOVE this brush! It’s pricey but it’s worth it! You can use it for liquid formulas, as well as powders,  but I only use it for liquid formulas (so anything from liquid foundation to foundation sticks, liquid primers to tinted moisturizers).

I love the fact that it’s short because it gives me more control over applying the product.

The bristles are very tightly packed so the product does not get absorbed before it even makes it to your face (in the same way that it would if the bristles were very spread apart), so you don’t end up wasting product!

It feels super soft on the face, doesn’t leave streaks or marks & provides an all around even & flawless finish.


OKAY, so, initially, I came across this brush & saw that it was a bronzer brush BUT, then I spoke to the girl at Sephora & she told me that I could also use it to apply liquid/cream-based products for FULLER COVERAGE WITH A SOFT FINISH. And I was like, HELLO SUNSHINE. That’s everything that I’m looking for when I apply foundation. I like full & buildable coverage that still looks soft, not overdone & not cakey! And this brush gives me all of that!

Also, like the Bobbi Brown one, it’s short & the bristles are very tightly packed!

I’ve never tried it for bronzer so I can’t recommend it for that but that is what it’s made for after all, so if you’re looking for a good bronzer brush, you can definitely try this out as well!


I’m not one to use a brush when I apply my concealer because I simply can’t seem to find one that lets me get into the creases perfectly! The bristles also irritate my eyes sometimes, so I prefer to use what I like to call a BABY “BEAUTY BLENDER”. I buy them at Pharmaprix & they look exactly like the mini Beauty Blenders, only they’re a lot cheaper!



You can use this brush for bronzer/contour or blush! I prefer to use it for contour because I find it’s just the right size!

It allows for just the right amount of precision, without making the contour look too defined or harsh! (This is because the brush is actually round, as opposed to angled!).



This brush is a little bit different than the traditional brushes we all buy

What I love about this brush is how versatile it is! It can be super defining for cheekbones (contour) & highlight, but it’s also amazing for blending blush & building colour! It absorbs just the right amount of product & a little goes a long way with this one!


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