(REAL)covery is Possible.

(REAL)covery is Possible.

The goal of my transformation photos is not to show off my progress or brag about how far I’ve come.

My progress is something I can see with my own eyes.

It’s something I am ridiculously proud of but it is not why I do this.

The goal of my transformation photos is to show you that REAL RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE.

The girl on the left never thought she would see the day that she would become the girl on the right.

Her face is gaunt & empty.

She is covered in makeup to hide the paleness & greyness of her skin from her concerned family & friends.

She has no cheekbones. She looks twice her age (& feels that way too).

She is wearing a sweater three times her size to warm her skeletal frame & to conceal the scariness of what’s underneath.

She has not one ounce of mental stability or control.

She is smiling, but it’s a lie.

She doesn’t know that the life of the girl in the right awaits her.

Today, she’s the girl on the right.

Her face is full & lively.

She no longer needs to cake on makeup because she has nothing to hide.

She has a natural healthy & rosy glow.

She has chubby cheekbones & looks (& feels her age).

She’s wearing a fitted sweater because she embraces her body & there’s nothing scary to conceal.

Her physical transformation speaks wonders, but her mental & emotional one even more.

She’s smiling & it’s realer than ever.

She’s living proof that the life she’s living today was always her destiny.

But most importantly, she wants YOU to KNOW that this transformation could be YOU.

ED will tell you the contrary.

She’ll tell you that real recovery is not feasible. And that even if it is, you’ll relapse.

BUT: No matter how much your ED is convincing you that real recovery is unattainable, unimaginable & impossible, I want you to look at these photos & tell me what you see.

Then, tell it to ED.

Tell her & show her how wrong she is.

Give her a run for her money.

Acknowledge her temporary strength but show her that the human mind is stronger than she’ll ever be.

Become what YOU WANT TO BE.


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