Passion, Realness, Support Systems & Thank You’s <3

Passion, Realness, Support Systems & Thank You’s <3

People always ask me why & how I do what I do.

They wonder how I don’t get tired of it or mentally drained because of all the  hard work  writing never-ending blog posts, recipes, health, fitness, beauty tips & tricks entails.

Truth is, it is time-consuming & it is a lot of work, but I don’t even see the time go by & it does not feel like work.

I do not see it go by because I LOVE WHAT I DO.

It’s not work. It’s passion.

I’m passionate beyond words. Healthy living & spreading awareness about mental illness & eating disorders, has literally become what I live & breathe.

I don’t get tired of it because I’m simply living, being real & being myself & LETTING YOU IN ON IT.

And trust me, when you reach rock bottom, a point where your life was literally threatened & you felt like a walking ticking time bomb, YOU DON’T EVER GET TIRED OF LIVING. It’s all you want to do.


I don’t want ANY OF YOU, or anyone close to you to ever have to live or go through what I went through.

So this is why I’m here.

To stop you in your tracks.

To show you the reality of what an ED is. That it’s not about glamour, being the thinnest person in the room & fitting into a size 00.

It’s about mental & emotional struggle.


More than ever, society needs to acknowledge that & then preach, educate, portray & teach it to the bone. Literally.

What gives me the fuel to continue, to keep cooking, writing, helping, hoping to inspire is YOU. Yes, you. Every single one of you.

Your love, support, loyalty & trust throughout my journey has been more rewarding & life-changing than I could put into words.

Some of you have shown me the true meaning of deep appreciation, others of unconditional love, real friendship, genuine encouragement, realness, honesty & complete & utter loyalty.

Near or far, old friends, new friends, you have been there for me in my best & worst of times.


I seriously do not know what I would’ve done without this beautiful support system that YOU guys have BUILT for ME.

You’ve helped bring out strength in myself that I never knew I had or was capable of.

You’ve helped me know & find my purpose.

You’ve helped me be ALIVE.

You’ve helped me HELP YOU.


This is my commitment to you.

To continue following my passion in hopes that it will inspire you to BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

You deserve just that.

You are worth that & so much more.

I know your worth.

Know it too.


Know that this is my THANK YOU to you for being on this journey WITH ME & never letting me down.


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