“Don’t Judge Suffering By It’s Cover”: Eating Disorders Come In All Shapes & Sizes.

“Don’t Judge Suffering By It’s Cover”: Eating Disorders Come In All Shapes & Sizes.

Eating disorders come in all shapes & sizes.

If you looked at me just a few months ago, you would know I was going through something. My frail, bony & tiny little frame gave it all away & pretty much screamed anorexia.

Today, you look at me & you would never be able to tell that I am currently in recovery from the same eating disorder that was once upon a time so obvious.

BUT, that’s not what matters.

Nobody’s eating disorder or recovery journey looks the same.

What matters is that I know that I do NOT have to look a certain way to justify that I’M IN RECOVERY & THAT IT’S HARD.

What matters is that my healthy physical appearance & the fact that I (thankfully) no longer look sick DON’T take away from the fact that:

  • there are days that I still suffer, cry & get anxious;

  • my demons crawl back to haunt me;

  • sometimes, I wish I could go back to my old habits;

  • I deal with body image issues & have a hard time finding the strength to accept my new body;

  • I wonder what life would be like if I was still suffering, let alone, if I’d even still be alive.

Changes in weight are just ONE OF THE MANY SYMPTOMS that come with an eating disorder & we, as a society, need to work together to DESTROY the stereotypical idea that we’re SPOONFED that one’s physical appearance determines one’s degree of suffering.

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of ALL mental disorders.

How crazy is it to think that simply because someone doesn’t “look like” they’re suffering, society deems that they don’t fit the requirements of an eating disorder & aren’t sick enough?

How scary is it that their illness could be diminished, ignored & put on the back burner for so long until they become part of that statistic?

No matter how you look & despite the way society has personified anorexia as a “skeletal white, beautiful girl”, I want you to know that YOUR STORY IS WORTH TELLING.


Eating disorders are mental illnesses defined by YOUR THOUGHT PROCESSES, BEHAVIOURS & ACTIONS, which are just as destructive & uncontrollable as severe weight loss (If not, more). 

You would never go ahead & tell someone their depression is fake because of their BMI, would you?

Just because you have not withered away into a walking skeleton, it does not mean that you haven’t damaged your mind & body &/or that you haven’t spent weeks, months & yes, even years at war with yourself.

Please, don’t deny yourself help just because you have been taught to think that you are not thin enough to need it.

THAT’S JUST ANOTHER LIE THAT SOCIETY & YOUR EATING DISORDER ARE TELLING YOU, that’s hindering your diagnosis, treatment, recovery &/or self-awareness.

Please, don’t diminish your suffering simply because it doesn’t look like it’s there.

If your mind is suffering, please care for it in the same way you would your body & don’t let ANYONE OR ANYTHING TELL YOU DIFFERENTLY.



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