All The Hips, Squish, Curves, Femininity & Jiggle!

All The Hips, Squish, Curves, Femininity & Jiggle!

I want you to take a close look at these photos. Like, let’s get up close & personal here.

Both of them are me (OBVI). They’re taken about one hour apart. One before my workout & one after it.

Both of these photos show my real body, but in different poses and positions: the hips, the squish, the strong thighs, womanly curves, the fuller face, the cushion, femininity, softer arms & ALL the jiggle.

All these things are completely NORMAL.

And what’s more? Not only are they normal, but they are BEAUTIFUL. They are beautiful because:

– That they’re a sign that I’m capable of feeling & loving.

– That I’m unafraid of breaking, crumbling or collapsing.

– That I’m living, being & breathing.

BUT: What you don’t see is the girl trying to teach herself every day to LOVE & EMBRACE her ever-changing body & live a life free from her demons.

My journey isn’t all sunshine & rainbows.

Sometimes, it rains, pours, thunders & even hails.

You can’t see the way I would’ve, a year or two  ago, looked at these photos & bawled my eyes out & sworn to anorexia that I’d do better, try harder & push myself beyond my limits.

You can’t see the internal self-struggle I go through when I stand one way & my tummy protrudes or my thighs rub against each other.

You can’t see all of those things but THEY HAPPEN.

Looking at these photos, what you can see is the way that posing makes my body look different one way versus the other.

You can also see what goes through your mind when you compare them.

Do you think I look better in one or the other?

More attractive?

Is one pose more flattering than the other?

When all we see is perfect poses, we are brainwashed to believe that anything other than that isn’t acceptable, okay or BEAUTIFUL.

When all we see are weight loss transformations, we learn to think that the “fuller” body is the problem & the “small” is the purpose & goal.


Why do we let this stop us from loving OUR BEAUTIFUL SELVES?

Our bodies are what GIVE US LIFE.

They go through HELL & BACK, take us through every single day, NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE NEGLECT THEM, HURT THEM & MISTREAT THEM.

They love us no matter what.

They’re magical creatures.

I’ve seen mine transform right before my big bright eyes, with a simple change of heart & a different positive mindset.

And let me tell you, I won’t let a pose or position take ANY OF THAT AWAY FROM ME!






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