Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay.

Let’s honour it.

Let’s honour the struggle that 1 in 5 adults live with every day.

Let’s honour the way they fight to live a normal life, even when the word normalcy seems so far out of reach.

Let’s honour them by raising awareness about illnesses that are too often put on the back-burner.

Let’s acknowledge that sometimes, the things you can’t see hurt more than those you can.

The girl on the left suffers from a severe mental illness.

She lives in fear, disgust & self-hate.

She’s confused, lost & empty.

She’s void of life.

She has a restrictive mindset & is obsessed with numbers, weight & measurements.

She’s a slave to her thoughts, her illness & her demons.

She knows the true meaning of the expression “I can’t help it”.

She has no idea what she’s doing, where she’s going & what awaits her.

All she knows is no matter what, she’ll never betray anorexia because no matter how badly she wants to, her mind fights with her.

And her mind?

It ALWAYS wins. 

The girl on the right severely beat her mental illness.

She lives in curiosity, courage, happiness & self-love.

Her thoughts are lucid, she found herself & she’s complete.

She’s full of life.

She has an open mind & a desire to discover new things.

She no longer counts, weighs & measures.

She broke free from her thoughts, illness & demons.

She knows the true meaning of the expression “I can’t help it, only now, she can say she found the strength to help it & get out of it.

She knows exactly what she’s doing, where she’s going & can’t wait for what awaits her (& loves the fact that it’s not in her control).

All she knows is no matter what, betraying anorexia is the best decision she ever made.

She’ll persevere & betray her every day of her life because of how freaking badly she wants to continue live THIS life, the life where she no longer wakes up knowing she’s about to tackle another day fighting with HER OWN BODY.

And her mind?

It NEVER wins.

On Mental Health Day, take my story as a testament to the fact that mental illnesses exist, are scary, gut-wrenching & can even kill.

But, it’s also possible to fight & overcome them & to come out stronger than ever before.



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