GROCERY TIP: What’s The Verdict on Canned Tuna?!

GROCERY TIP: What’s The Verdict on Canned Tuna?!

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OKAY guys, this is a common question. I feel like the reason for that is because so many of us grew up eating tuna sandwiches (when our moms ran out of deli meat, right?!). So we figure, if mom was feeding it to us all those years, it must mean it’s RELATIVELY HEALTHY, right?

YES, YOU’RE RIGHT! But with some nuances:

  1. You have to be buying the RIGHT kind of canned tuna (& we’re about to get right into what really qualifies tuna as the “right”kind!) &
  2. WHAT’S HEALTHY FOR ME MAY NOT BE FOR YOU &/or vice versa – I’m on a health journey & so are so many people out there these days! I mean, it’s 2017. But the thing is, we’re all at different points in our journeys, so ultimately, you need to decide what works BEST for you based on YOUR PERSONAL SITUATION! ALWAYS bear in mind that I’m not an expert or an authority. I’m telling you what I do & what I think is healthy FOR ME!

But, since this blog is a documentation of my journey & the health & nutrition choices I make, let me tell you how I choose my canned tuna & why I believe it’s still a healthy (protein-rich) food option, IN MODERATION, of course! (like all foods!). You shouldn’t be eating it every single day, because you should be changing your nutrition & intake every day to give your body a variety of foods & nutrients!

TBH, there’s really only one brand that I trust regarding canned tuna, simply because this brand really does go the extra mile in terms of ensuring that its product is as healthy (& as low in mercury) as possible! I’m sure there are other sustainable brands out there, but I first tried Safe Catch & loved it & everything it stood for, so I have continued to buy it & have since become a very loyal customer! Let me tell you why!

(P.S. NO. THIS IS NOT A PAID AD. I just love to share my health finds with you munchkins in hopes that you will take them into consideration to make healthier choices for yourselves too!).

First things first, according to the FDA, women who may become pregnant or who are pregnant, as well as young children should limit their consumption to 12 ounces a week of fish with lower mercury, including canned “light” tuna and no more than 6 oz. of albacore or white tuna. IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, DON’T TAKE THIS INFORMATION AT FACE VALUE. PLEASE ASK YOUR DOCTOR. I don’t have any experience with it or enough knowledge to tell you whether or not you could or should be eating any or some mercury during your pregnancy.

  • Like all fish/shellfish, canned tuna contains some mercury. And, as I’m sure you all know, mercury comes from industrial pollution, which runs off into our oceans & unfortunately, builds up in fish. 
    • LIGHT TUNA tends to have less mercury than WHITE. But, you should ALWAYS READ YOUR LABELS.
      • Make sure your tuna comes from skipjack, which is lower in mercury.
      • Yellowfin is less commonly found in cans but is also considered a “light” form & has a higher mercury level, similar to that of albacore (labelled “white”).
  • Safe Catch screens EVERY SINGLE WILD TUNA FISH to a mercury limit (which is 10x stricter than that imposed by the FDA). Obviously, how much mercury you should eat depends on your age, weight, pregnancy & a number of other personal factors, but if & whenever possible, why not make a healthy choice & reduce it when you can?!
  • Bisphenol-A (a.k.a. BPA), a chemical used in the linings of many food/drink cans to make plastics/resins, has been linked to the development of precancerous lesions & abnormal development of reproductive systems in animals. When buying your canned fish, try to go for a brand that has made the switch over to BPA-free cans! ALL of Safe Catch’s cans are BPA-tested & are made with tin-free stainless steel!
  • Safe Catch’s tuna contains no additives or fillers. IT IS JUST PURE TUNA!
  • Their tuna is also SUSTAINABLY CAUGHT! Their albacore tuna is caught individually using the “pole & troll method” (LOOK OUT FOR THIS ON YOUR FOOD LABELS) & the Elite tuna is “school caught“, which is also a sustainable process that is known as FAD-free (fish aggregating device free).
  • AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY: Your tuna or other canned fish should be wild, ALWAYS. Never, ever, ever, NEVER, buy farmed fish. Basically, farmed fish are thrown into cramped pens where they live together in very small spaces, which leads to the development & growth of disease & parasites, & in order to solve these issues, the fish are fed tons of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO-CORN & other land-based foods that are not found in oceans/lakes/rivers, as well as tons of pesticides, that eventually… YOU (the consumer) are consuming & ingesting into your body (Sad truth, I think!) when you consume this same fish! On the contrary, the wild fish is left to breathe, swim & live in the ocean & is caught in the wild. It’s not fed any contaminants/pesticides or antibiotics!
    • Once again, certain wild fish will be healthier than other wild fish & the same goes for farmed fish. You really have to do your research.
    • Wild fish is also more ethical. Farmed fish are obviously not treated very well (They are cramped into pens until they die, basically & are fed a bunch of toxins & chemicals int he process).


  • CANNED TUNA IS A HEALTHY FOOD CHOICE, not to mention, a great source of PROTEIN IF:

    • You read your labels!
    • You read about & inquire about the brands you are buying & their practices!
    • You are aware of what you are eating!
    • You make sure the packaging used for your canned tuna/fish is BPA-FREE!






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