FITNESS MOTIVATION: Let Today Be Your “Start Somewhere”.

FITNESS MOTIVATION: Let Today Be Your “Start Somewhere”.

Are you UNSURE where to start when it comes to incorporating fitness into your life?

Are you UNSURE you’ll be able to keep up?

Are you UNSURE you’ll be able to stay motivated?

Are you UNSURE whether you have the time?


Those were my main preoccupations when I first started out, so trust me when I say I know where you are coming from!



I am by no means a professional, personal trainer or fitness guru.

I also by no means have the most perfect body, nor do I have a 6-pack or the most toned muscular arms.

I am simply here today to tell you that what I do have is the experience that as scary as it is, STARTING is the first step.

That you’ll EVENTUALLY & PROGRESSIVELY be able to keep up.

That the adrenaline rush, energy & the way you’ll begin to feel once you make exercise part of your life will KEEP YOU MOTIVATED.


That YOU DO HAVE THE TIME, if you make it.

Something one of my favourite fitness instructors once said that stuck with me is:

“This is YOUR workout. Do YOUR OWN thing. Don’t look at your neighbour. Who cares what he/she is doing”.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we’re constantly consumed with basing our success (or failure) as individuals on how we look or perform in comparison to others.

Take a second & think about how WRONG that is.

When you think about it, the main thing that’s probably keeping you from starting out is the fear that you won’t be able to keep up.




Lose that fear.

Lose it because every single person around you was faced with that same fear when they first started.


I won’t lie… starting out is HARD.

But, if you focus on YOU, on YOUR progress, on YOUR motivation, on the way YOU feel.


NOT let yourself be preoccupied with anyone else’s ability or progress, that’s when you’ll truly be able to find the motivation to DO YOU & to GROW.

It’s human nature to be afraid of new beginnings, challenges, obstacles, commitments & goals.

BUT, you know what?

At the end of the day, nobody’s perfect & nobody started out where they are RIGHT NOW (No, not even the person you’re so adamantly comparing yourself to).

Everyone had to face the fear of new at some point in time.

If we never had to, think about how mundane & boring life would be…


There is always room to DO BETTER, BE BETTER & FEEL BETTER.

But the only way to do all of those things is to start somewhere.

Let today be your SOMEWHERE.

Don’t be afraid of what others will think or say or do.

Be afraid because you’re taking on a new challenge, but take it on anyway.

Pursue it, CRUSH IT, kill it.

Persevere until it’s no longer scary, until it’s no longer NEW…

Until it’s a part of YOU.

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