If I Could Turn Back Time. But I Can’t. So Let Me Help You Choose Recovery NOW.

If I Could Turn Back Time. But I Can’t. So Let Me Help You Choose Recovery NOW.

If I could go back in time, the only thing about my journey towards recovery that I would change is HOW SOON I chose it.

I wouldn’t change the daily internal struggles I had to cope with at first when I saw the numbers on the scale climb, felt my clothes getting tighter & saw my protruding bones slowly fade away.

I wouldn’t change the cries, outbursts, fainting spells or anxiety attacks or the emotional therapy appointments or scary visits to my doctor’s office & the hospital.

I wouldn’t change any of those really ugly things because without them, I wouldn’t be as strong as I can proudly say I am today.


I wish I’d accepted help & been strong enough to realize just how much my ED was taking away from me.

I wish I’d realized that ED had my worst interest in mind & ultimately, wanted to kill me.

I wish I’d acknowledged that I too deserved to live the happy healthy life that everyone around me was living.

I wish I could’ve known the beauty of what life would be like after anorexia.

I wish I could’ve seen all this potential sooner.

But you know what?

I can sit & wish all of these things until forever.

The truth is I can’t go back in time & can’t change a thing about the way my illness unfolded.

I no longer have control over any of that & that’s just fine.

What I can do is hope to INSPIRE YOU to choose recovery NOW, when you can, when you can help yourself & all those around you seeing you suffer & suffering too.

I can use my experience to show you the BEAUTY of what life is like WITHOUT YOUR ED.

To show you what awaits you & what you CAN & WILL HAVE if you choose to recover TODAY.

You have all the tools in the world to get your life back. You just have to want it. Really freaking bad.

No matter when you choose it, all those really challenging & scary things will happen anyway.

They’re a part of the process, one you must trust with your whole heart & one that gives you LIFE.

So, why wait for them to happen some other time?

Don’t you want to LIVE right now?


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