Post-Workout Haircare & Skincare Routines a.k.a. That-Post-Sweat-Sesh-Self-Care-Regimen-On-FLEEK!

Post-Workout Haircare & Skincare Routines a.k.a. That-Post-Sweat-Sesh-Self-Care-Regimen-On-FLEEK!

 Hi munchkins! 



First off, let’s tackle the hair SITCH. I know, going to the gym can be annoying when you’ve got a head full of hair to maintain & to keep well for work/school & life the next day. I FEEL YA.

Most of us don’t have all the time in the world to get home from a workout & start washing, applying products, blow-drying, straightening & curling our hair. Some of us have kiddies/significant others to take care of, meals to cook & jobs/school to attend. BUT, not having time to style your hair for two hours a day post-workout shouldn’t be what keeps you or demotivates you from exercising!

There are ways (like with everything) to maintain & care for your hair, even after sweaty sweat sessions! (& said ways DO NOT take two hours… trust me!). It’s all about finding the right products that work for you & that help you maintain clean-looking hair, without having to go through all the maintenance, every single day!

In case you’re not sure where to start, I’m about to tell you guys all about the products that have worked for me & that have become a natural part of my weekly routine (In hopes that they will work for you too, BUT REMEMBER: It’s all about trial & error. What works for me, may not work for you!).



Q: How many times a week do I wash my hair?

A: Twice! BEFORE YOU CALL ME GROSS, believe it or not (& as nasty as it sounds), shampooing too much (YES, even after a workout) can dry out your hair & strip away all the natural oils that keep your scalp & hair healthy!

(OBVIOUSLY, how often you wash your hair will depend on how quickly it gets greasy. We’re all different, so bear in mind that I’m not here telling you to go to work or school looking like you’ve got a tub full of coconut oil lathered all over your hair. You gotta do & find what works for you!).

Q: What shampoo/conditioner do I use?

A: I am not really picky when it comes to shampoo & conditioner & I don’t really see the use in splurging on it when there are so many affordable ones out there that contain amazing, nourishing & natural ingredients & that are formulated with no harsh petrochemical-based sulphates, silicones, synthetic colors/preservatives, phthalates or parabens that irritate the scalp & strip the hair of its natural oil & shine.

  • Verb Products Sea Spray Shampoo & Conditioner (available at Sephora!)
  • Mystik Blueberry Shampoo & Conditioner (available at most drugstores!)
  • Maui Moisture Shea Butter Shampoo & Conditioner or Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner (available at most drugstores!)

Q: Given that I exercise almost everyday, how do I style my hair?

A: For my go-to post hair-wash products, see my full post here: My Go-To Post Hair-Wash Haircare Routine!

I apply the products mentioned in my full blog post, & then I let my hair air-dry!

Once it’s dry, I use my Moroccan oil flat iron to flatten the top/front pieces (BABY HAIRS FTW!) & tame the frizz on my ends.

The only time I’ll fully straighten my hair with the flat iron is if I have an event to go to (since I work out so often, applying all that heat to my hair to have it perfectly straightened & tamed when I know I’m going to sweat it out & ruin it the next day isn’t worth it!).

Q: How do I wear my hair during workouts?

A: During workouts, I always tie my hair in a tight bun, high ponytail or braid.

Q: Do I refresh my hair after workouts?

A: Yes! I use one of two dry shampoos:

  • Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo (Dark Tones)
    • Contains oil-absorbing rice starch that removes buildup & odour, leaving your hair clean & refreshed! Made with argan-oil & won’t leave any white residue!


  • Verb Products Dry Shampoo!
    • Refreshing, removes oil, boosts body/texture & won’t leave any white residue!


AND, since all the salt in the sweat dries out my hair, I will often use:

  • Verb Products Sea Spray to rehydrate, moisturize & add some light texture! (It’s made with natural sea salt, quinoa, green tea, kelp, sweet almond, algae & sunflower extract) OR;


  • Verb Ghost Oil, which is super restorative & revitalizing because it’s packed with moringa oil, tons of essential nutrients & helps smooth frizz & make my hair shiny! OR;


  • Mistik Hdyro-Serum, which is made with blueberry & flaxseed, is super nourishing & hydrating & 100% natural!





First things first: It’s crucial to wash your face (almost) immediately post-workout (I mean, YOU HAVE TIME TO GET HOME, but once you do, SKINCARE!). Let’s be honest, who wants a cocktail of dirt, oil & bodily fluids/sweat clinging to their skin, affecting its pH & clogging pores?

When you exercise, your skin loses water due to evaporation, leaving your skin dehydrated AF. Dehydrated skin increases surface lines & causes skin cells to die prematurely, which can lead to premature aging &… wait for it… OPENS THE DOOR TO CLOGGED PORES. SO, LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW TO AVOID ALL OF THAT.

My post-workout skincare routine is pretty basic, but I think I’ve got most fronts covered with it & I’m happy to share it with you munchkins!


After an intense workout, it can be tempting to want to over-scrub & be aggressive with your skin to remove all the sweat & dirt! BUT, this is actually a very common mistake. Too much scrubbing/exfoliation can actually dehydrate your skin, lead to eczema or make your acne worse (Keep in mind that your skin is probably already dehydrated post-workout due to all the sweating!). This is why I use a very gentle cleanser after my workouts!

The Micellar Cleanser that I have been using for a few months now is the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Treatment Lotion.

  • It’s soothing/calming, comforting, hydrating & super refreshing!
  • Super gentle, so it’s great for sensitive & reactive skin!
  • It defends the skin against all the signs of aging!
  • It contains Sea Buckthorn, a blend of chaga, resihi & cordyceps!
  • Super easy to use & doesn’t even require rinsing (although, I like to splash with cold water post-cleanse – read why below!).


I’ve also been liking the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm.

  • Super lightweight texture!
  • Turns from a balm to oil to milk & melts away makeup, dirt & sweat very effectively!
  • Great for dry or normal skin alike because it’s non-greasy & non-drying.
  • Leaves a fresh & dewy glow.
  • Really gives that CLEAN FEELING!


AFTER I CLEANSE: I always like to end with a few splashes of cool (not freezing) water. The lower temperature helps cool the skin but more importantly, helps close your pores, which dilate to help release sweat.

When I’m done, I pat (NOT WIPE) my skin dry with a towel. Sometimes, towelling off can actually irritate your skin, particularly if your face gets really red when you workout. In fact, I actually won’t completely dry my skin with the towel. I get it 90% of the way there then I let it air-dry!


Even though you may feel like your sweat sesh quenched your skin with moisture, that’s not actually the case! Believe it or not, as sweaty as you are, your skin is actually very dehydrated after a workout & it’s essential to replenish all the water your skin lost! I like to use an oil-free water-based moisturizer because it replenishes moisture without clogging my pores.

I use either:

  • Peter Thomas Roth Hyaluronic Cloud Cream!
    • Super concentrated in hyaluronic acid (30%) & provides skin with an instant boost of intense hydration! (P.S. Hyaluronic acid attracts & retains up to 1,000 times its weight in water from moisture in the atmosphere & helps replenish the skin to make it look more firm & smooth!)
    • It also contains Ceramides, which lock in moisture & improve hydration!
    • Lastly, it contains some elderberry, which contains antioxidants & helps fight the signs of aging!
    • There’s something about this cream that makes my skin look silky!


  • Sunday Riley Tidal Moisturizer!
    • Super brightening!
    • Contains hyaluronic acid & tamarind extract, both of which are super hydrating, moisturizing & leave the skin looking radiant & plumped. As I mentioned, hyaluronic acid actually pulls water into your skin for intense hydration within minutes!
    • It also contains papaya enzymes, which gently exfoliates & smoothes the skin! What’s awesome is that whether you have dry skin or combination skin, your skin will be left softer, & clearer!



Just like your skin, your lips are also dehydrated post-workout, so it’s important to provide them with that necessary boost of hydration to prevent them from getting cracked or chapped & to nourish them with ingredients rich in fatty acids!

My go-to lip-balms are:

  • Givenchy Beauty Hydra-Sparkling Lip Balm:
    • Super hydrating & moisturizing as it contains hyaluronic acid, which brings moisture to lips & fills in dehydrated lines, as well as luffa oil, which is rich in fatty acids!
    • It also adds a little tint to your lips because it contains pigments that react with the skin’s humidity to create a hint of color that basically brings out your natural lip color!
    • ONLY DOWNSIDE: It’s a bit sticky, so don’t wear it in the wind!!!!


  • Tatcha Gold Spun Lip Balm: I’M IN LOVE.
    • The main ingredient in this baby is camellia oil, which is very quickly absorbed & leaves the lips super soft as it seals in the moisture.
    • It also contains antioxidants, vitamins A, B, D & E & fatty acids (oleic acid) that are super nourishing!
    • It also leaves the lips with a nice shimmer that isn’t sticky.


  • Drunk Elephant Lippe: Been using this for MONTHS!
    • Super moisturizing, nourishing & hydrating!
    • It’s made with avocado, cranberry & marula oils, as well as algae, antioxidants (green tea leaf & vitamin C).
    • It leaves my lips feeling super soft, all while fighting free radicals & the signs of aging!



I finish off by calming my skin with a face mist! Think about this like running through a sprinkler, literally. Face mists are great because they contain tons of nourishing ingredients, essential oils & therefore, tons of vitamins! They also feel refreshing & cool (& not to mention, they can also help REVIVE after an intense AF workout!).

  • Hello FAB Vital Greens Face Mist:
    • Super cooling sensation!
    • Contains tons of greens superfoods, such as kale, spinach & other minerals rich in antioxidants!
    • Super hydrating, and nourshing!
    • Fights free radical damage!
    • Also great over makeup to help set it!


  • Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator Face Mist:
    • Naturally fills your skin cells with water making your skin look plump & firm.
    • Super hydrating.
    • Contains aloe water, tons of essential organic oils (sunflower, coconut, grapseed, almond) & herbal infusions (fennel, green tea, marshmallow root, alfalfa), as well as tons of vitamins, such as: E, A, C, & B2, organic vanilla bean extract & essential oils, such as: ylang ylang, rosemary, lavender & eucalyptus oils!


  • Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Perfect Skin Set & Refresh Mist:
    • Rich in antioxidants, collagen amino-acids, & vitamin C, this mist is super hydrating, refreshing & protects the skin from free radical damage & environmental toxins!
    • You can also use this as a finishing mist when you’re done applying your makeup – it won’t smudge it!


As you can see, I like to go pretty light & gentle with my post-workout routine. Keep in mind I’ve already used tons of products in my morning skincare routine, some of which contain very strong & active ingredients.

AND, even though I have normal (& not very sensitive) skin, I do feel like my skin is more sensitive right after a workout. This is why I like to let the redness dissipate before I start applying oil cleansers, anti-aging serums & essential oils!




Speak soon, my loves! <3 


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