Not A Food Post. Just Some Food For Thought.

Not A Food Post. Just Some Food For Thought.

Not a FOOD post but just some FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

Who agrees with me that dressing for fall is the best thing ever!?

Fall is my FAVE SEASON & in honour of it… a little rant!

Today, I look in the mirror & I see a 26-year old girl with a normal, healthy & curvy-looking body.

So many of you ask me if it’s hard to look at myself & accept the weight gain & the fact that I’m no longer rail thin.

Yes, the truth is, it’s really hard EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Some days are easier than others but it’s definitely hard.

So how do I cope?

I cope because I’m not only staring at the reflection of a girl who looks normal physically.

More importantly, I’m looking at a girl who feels normal mentally & emotionally.


That’s worth SO MUCH MORE.

I not only look healthier than I have in years but what’s more is I genuinely feel I’ve reached my optimal point of mental & emotional stability.


You have no idea how much I value that after years worth of forgetting what it meant to have control over my mind & body.

So to answer your questions, yes, it’s a constant struggle & probably one of the hardest challenges in recovery but it comes with the package.

Recovery is a choice & it’s a heck of a package deal.

Regaining your life (& saving it) comes with physical implications too & with time, these changes are things you learn to accept & eventually, embrace & love.

So yes, I love my thighs, my curvy hips & my fuller face cause they represent my mental clarity.


I love & embrace that EVEN MORE.



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