You: 1 / Self-Doubt: 0!

You: 1 / Self-Doubt: 0!


One of life’s biggest challenges is overcoming self-doubt.

But what really is self-doubt?

Self-doubt defines & limits who you are.

Stands in the way of your self-development.


Convinces you that you are incapable & weak.

It exists because we live in a society that constantly promotes & profits off the idea that there’s always someone or something greater, happier, smarter, stronger, prettier, wiser & better than us out there.

But, when you doubt your ability & strength, you hand power over to your doubt.

Guess what?

Your doubt doesn’t deserve that power.

Your doubt does NOTHING for you but put a damper on believing in yourself & in what you can accomplish.

Instead of doubting your worth & falling into the false pretences that our society so consistently preaches, choose to REBEL AGAINST YOUR SELF-DOUBT.

Show your self-doubt that you have a goal.

That you understand there may be obstacles/setbacks & you’re ready to take on the challenge but that you won’t let doubt be the setback.

Only YOU have the power to get rid of your self-doubt.

Self-doubt is really just a thought.

Clear your mind of the thoughts & ideas fuelling your self-doubt & watch your self-doubt disappear.

Stop being unhappy with yourself.

Stop wishing you looked like someone else.

Stop craving attention from those who hurt you.

Stop hating your body, its curve & squish, your personality, your imperfections & the things that make you YOU.

Without your little quirks, YOU WOULDN’T BE YOU.

Why would you want to be anyone else anyway?

You were put on this earth for a reason, with a mission & a purpose.

Show your self-doubt that you will do just that.

Don’t let your happiness depend on the thoughts that fuel it.

FIND YOUR HAPPINESS IN REBELLING AGAINST THOSE THOUGHTS & in showing YOURSELF just how much you can accomplish when you TRULY LOVE who you are.

Love your flaws.

Love what makes you stand out.

Love your imperfections.


Most importantly:

Don’t do any or all those things for anyone else BUT YOURSELF.




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