Sprouted Toast Topped With Mashed Avocado & Runny Yolky Chopped Egg Salad a.k.a. Simple-Avo-Toast-FTW-Oh-&-The-Secret-To-My-Perfect-Soft-Boiled-Eggs-Right-HURR!

Sprouted Toast Topped With Mashed Avocado & Runny Yolky Chopped Egg Salad a.k.a. Simple-Avo-Toast-FTW-Oh-&-The-Secret-To-My-Perfect-Soft-Boiled-Eggs-Right-HURR!

Hi munchkins!


BACK AGAIN. I’m really on top of my game today, LEZ BE HONEST. 

This is a simple one, BUT A HECK OF A GOOD ONE (not to mention, HELLA NUTRITIOUS & HELLA HEALTHY!). I mean, you’ve all heard of AVO TOAST. It’s 2017. & This one is no better or not much more complex (It’s actually quite the opposite) than any & all you’ve probably made or seen on like EVERY restaurant menu these days. BUT, I figured I would share it anyway just to give you loves some inspiration for a quick & easy breaky or lunch idea!

And… WAIT FOR IT… I’m also going to be sharing my secret to the PERFECT SOFT-BOILED EGGS EVER. EVER. EVER!

BASICALLY, this babe came to life because my little (well she ain’t so little anymore, but she’s younger so “little” still qualifies, okay?) sis was studying for her upcoming exams after our INTENSE AF morning workout & she needed some POST-WORKOUT FUEL & BRAIN FOOD! So, being the best sister in the world (OBVS… kay wow, I’m totally kidding… DON’T MEAN TO FLATTER MYSELF OR ANYTHING BUT LIKE…), I catered to her, LITERALLY & made her THIS BEAUTIFULNESS. (& Yes, in case you’re wondering, she devoured & enjoyed it!).

BEFORE WE ATTACK THE NITTY-GRITTY (& really, there’s not much nitty-gritty to tackle – it takes like 5 minutes to prep!!), let’s discuss why this meal is SO FREAKING NUTRITIOUS!

I mean, seriously, how much goodness can there really be on one plate though?!

Healthy fats!

Complex carbs!

Tons of protein!

Delicious flavour!



Easily digested & energy-boosting!

Perfect pre-workout breaky, post-workout lunch or EVEN WITHOUT A WORKOUT, perfect breaky to kickstart your day with a boost of energy & tons of health benefits OR perfect lunch to keep you going & refuel you to get through the rest of your busy jam-packed day!

My loves, YOU WILL NEED:

  • 2 slices of sprouted toast (My sprouted toast of choice is Food For Like Baking Ezekiel bread & the sesame one is my all-time absolute fave!);
  • 1 avocado, MASHED;
  • The juice of 1/2 an organic lemon;
  • 2 eggs, SOFT-BOILED TO PERFECTION & MASHED (Instructions will be provided down below… I MEAN OBVS, WHEN ARE THEY NOT, RIGHT?);
  • Sea salt & pepper for seasoning;
  • OPTIONAL TOPPINGS: Hemp/flax seeds, Sriracha, red pepper chilli flakes, nutritional yeast, Vegan parmesan shreds, balsamic glaze, cherry tomatoes or cucumbers!

NOW LET ME TELL YOU THE KELLY-IN-THE-KITCH SECRET TO THE PERFECT BOILED EGGS!! & the rest of the deets on how to put this babe of a recipe together! 

All you gotta do is:

  • BOIL TWO EGGS. The way I get the most perfect still runny-ish & yolky AF eggs is:
    • Add water to a small stockpot & bring to a boil.
    • Once bubbling & boiling, lower your heat to MEDIUM (usually, around a 4-5) & use a slotted spoon or just a tablespoon to drop your eggs gently into the water (LIL’ TIP: This prevents them from cracking when they hit the boiling water!).
    • Let them simmer for 8-9 minutes!
    • Once boiled, remove the pot from the heat & run the eggs under cold water for about a minute! (ANOTHER LIL’ TIP: This will stop the cooking process & make them a lot easier to peel, not to mention, you won’t burn your fingers!). Be gentle when peeling them as they’ll still be a bit warm to the touch & keep in mind they’re soft-boiled & still yolky!
  • While your eggs are boiling, MASH your avocado & season it with the lemon juice, sea salt & black pepper! Once seasoned, make sure to mix the lemon juice & spices until the liquid has been absorbed & the spices have been evenly spread throughout!
  • When the eggs are ready (& cooled off), peel ’em & MASH ’em too! Season with sea salt & black pepper & repeat the same process as with the avo!
  • TOAST YOUR BREAD (I don’t know about you guys but I need my toast to be FRESH OUT ‘DA TOASTA. I can’t deal with toast that has been toasted & sitting on the plate on my counter for like ten minutes while I prep the rest of my recipe – TOTAL PET PEEVE. Ya feel me?). All this to say, I NEED FRESH TOAST, KAY?
  • Top your FRESH (Yes, a 2nd mention was totz necessary) toast with the mashed avocado, then top the avo with the mashed egg. Season with any combination of the optional toppings listed above, OR WHATEVER YOUR LITTLE HEART DESIRES! 


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