9-Ingredient Stovetop Vegan & Gluten-Free & Refined Sugar-Free Vanilla Almond Granola a.k.a. Clean-Eating Beautifully-Crumbly-Delicious-Clusters Of Goodness All Day ‘Errday!

9-Ingredient Stovetop Vegan & Gluten-Free & Refined Sugar-Free Vanilla Almond Granola a.k.a. Clean-Eating Beautifully-Crumbly-Delicious-Clusters Of Goodness All Day ‘Errday!

Hi lovies!!


Back again on this Tuesday (almost Wednesday) to WOW you with my 9-ingredient STOVETOP (Yes, you read right, no need to preheat your oven, bake this stuff & flip it halfway through) VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE VANILLA ALMOND GRANOLA!

I mean, tell me who doesn’t love a delicious granola?!

I don’t know about you but I’m totally, SHAMELESSLY, the girl who eats this stuff out the bag & I mean, STRAIGHT OUT THE BAG. I love it with yogurt or as a topping for one of my intricate but DELICIOUS smoothies, BUT I’M ALSO TOTALLY CONTENT WITH JUST MUNCHING IT OUTTA THE BAG OR BOX OR WHATEVER IT’S IN. 

THIS ONE, however, DOESN’T COME IN A BAG OR BOX OR ANY OF THAT STUFF. It’s not packaged. It’s homemade, IT’S THE REAL DEAL & speaking of HOMEMADE, it’s made with:


There’s nothing like homemade granola that’s perfectly toasted to perfection!

Made with only the cleanest ingredients, no gums, no refined sugars & no preservatives, this stuff is AS GOOD AS IT GETS! Seriously though, the TOASTINESS (I don’t think that’s a word, but whatever, I just made it one, okay?) on this stuff is INSANITY. I swear, its like a bag of Lay’s chips, BUT WITHOUT ALL THE BAD STUFF.

That whole “BET YOU CANT’ EAT JUST ONE” thing that Lays pulled a few years ago, WELL APPLY IT TO THIS GRANOLA, OKAY? YOU CAN’T EAT JUST ONE CLUSTER. HECK, YOU CAN’T EAT JUST ONE BATCH. (Plus, who said you could only have granola for breaky, right?)

Hint: This is me telling you (warning you) to double your batch because if you don’t, you’ll be crying for more in NO TIME.


An oven, 1 pan, a wooden spoon & 9 ingredients. C’est tout!

Oh & just 10 minutes of your precious time!

The reason I LOVE this recipe is because, YET AGAIN, you know EXACTLY what’s going into it. A lot of store-bought granola is often loaded with unhealthy hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, syrups & gums! YOU DON’T WANT THAT STUFF IN YOUR LIFE, LET ALONE GOING INTO YOUR BODY. Okay?


When life can be made THIS EASY & THIS BEAUTIFUL WITH THIS DELICIOUSLY CRUMBLY GRANOLA, why wouldn’t you go the extra little mile to take care of yourself & your health? RIGHT? 

Feel free to have fun with this recipe & add your own special twist! You can add or replace some of the ingredients with walnuts, pecans, chocolate chips, pumpkin/hemp/chia seeds, raisins, dates, maple flakes, ground nutmeg, shredded coconut, cacao nibs, dried pineapple or mango… I could go on for days on end here – The possibilities really are ENDLESS!


Gluten-free & vegan!

Refined sugar-free!

Full of fibre & good for you carbs!

Filling, satisfying & delicious!

Packed with protein & healthy fats!

Prebiotic! (Thanks to the tigernuts!)

Perfectly toasted & crumbly clusters of goodness!

Clean ingredients – REAL & WHOLE FOODS!

The mix of vanilla & almond… ’nuff said!!!

Quick, simple & easy (NO BAKING REQUIRED!!!!)



And now, without further ado, BECAUSE YOU WANT IT SO SO SO SO BAD… LET’S GO.

My loves, YOU WILL NEED:

  • 1 cup of gluten-free rolled oats (I use Only Oats by Avena Foods!);
  • 1/4 cup of sliced organic almonds (I use the ones by Artisan Organics);
  • 1/4 cup of sliced organic tigernuts (I use the ones by Organic Gemini) – If you don’t have tigernuts, never tried them or just aren’t down with them, feel free to sub ’em for another type of nut, such as walnuts or pecans!
  • 1/4 tsp. of sea salt;
  • 1/4 tsp. of ground cinnamon (I use Simply Organic);
  • 2 tbsp. of ground flaxseed meal (I use Bob’s Red Mill);
  • 2-3 tbsp. of raw organic unpasteurized (preferably, local!) honey (I use the one by Peace River);
  • 1 tsp. of pure organic vanilla extract (I use the one by Simply Organic Foods);
  • A handful of organic unsweetened dried cranberries;
  • OPTIONAL ADD-INS: Maple flakes, hemp seeds, chia seeds, organic unsweetened shredded coconut, chocolate chips, cacao nibs!

NOW, for that HOW-TO?

  • Heat a medium pan over MEDIUM heat. Once heated, add your oats to the pan & toast for about 3 minutes, STIRRING OFTEN (This is crucial – If you don’t stir, your oats will most probably BURN & that won’t make for a great start, ya feel me? 


  • After about 3 minutes, add in the almonds & tigernuts & toast for another 3-4 minutes, STIRRING OFTEN (YES, AGAIN!), until the oats are fragrant & lightly browned!
    • Watch your almonds & tigernuts closely – They have the potential to burn quickly so keep a close eye on ’em! (Unless of course, for some odd reason, you’re a fan of burnt granola!).



  • NOW, throw in the sea salt, cinnamon & ground flaxseed & toss to combine until uniform & all your ingredients are mixed together!


  • THE BEST PART? Drizzle the honey & pour in the vanilla extract! Lower the heat to LOW & mix the honey/vanilla through for 3-4 minutes until dried out!



IMG_3534 2

  • Throw in the cranberries at the very end & toss to combine them with the rest of the ingredients. You might notice that your granola isn’t clustered just yet & that’s completely normal!



  • Remove it from the heat (before it has time to burn) & let it cool! Once it cools, you will see that it has formed little granola clusters here & there! 
  • You can either devour it RIGHT AWAY (& I don’t see how you’d be able to resist TBH) or you can transfer it to an airtight container for about a week & a half / two weeks (IT WON’T LAST THAT LONG ANYWAY!).
  • DEVOUR!!!!


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