Monday Motivation: Make A Small Change This Week!

Monday Motivation: Make A Small Change This Week!

Happy Monday!

Mondays are always rough.

Getting out of bed knowing that you have an entire (probably, very busy) week ahead can sometimes be discouraging, demotivating & yes, even tiring (especially after a packed weekend!).

BUT, once you’re actually out of bed, Mondays are also a great opportunity to take it upon yourself to change something in your life this week!

Small, big, tiny or huge, make it your mission to do something different, new, challenging, out of the ordinary, rewarding & even something that might scare you!

  • Try cutting out a food and/or drink that might be stopping you from feeling your best!
  • Add a workout or two to your weekly routine!
  • Start the day with lemon water!
  • Start taking a daily probiotic and/or supplementing for another vitamin or mineral you feel you’re lacking!
  • Take time for yourself to reflect about where you are in life, ask yourself if you’re where you want to be & if you’re doing what you truly have a passion for!
  • Decide to finally make that phone call & accept help from a therapist, psychologist, dietitian or other professional that can help you get your life on track!
  • Meet someone new. Take a chance, take risks & open your heart to new opportunities & new beginnings!
  • Take a leap of faith & start a new job or enrol in a new program at school!
  • Go out with a friend & eat a meal that isn’t what you’re used to. Oh & have the vino & chocolate mousse for dessert!
  • Plan ahead & meal prep to stay on track with your weight & fitness goals.
  • Try to slowly cut out refined, processed & packaged foods (Slow & steady wins the race!).
  • Spend time with family & friends, even in all the hustle & bustle that your work/school week entails.

Decide to commit yourself to something NEW, something that you aren’t necessarily accustomed to, anything that will bring you reward, satisfaction, happiness, pride, accomplishment, self-respect & love.


The best part is that you have the power to give YOU what YOU so naturally DESERVE.

So, get inspired to make a little change in your life this week &…



When it comes to life? PLAN FOR THE NEXT ONE.

Slowly but surely, those changes will become YOUR WAY OF LIFE.

They won’t require as much effort cause they’ll be NATURAL!




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