REAL TALK: Bad Body Image Only Exists If You Let It.

REAL TALK: Bad Body Image Only Exists If You Let It.

Some days, we wake up with bad body image.

Today was one of those days for me.

I won’t lie, sometimes, it’s hard to look in the mirror & see a reflection so different than the one that I saw 8 months ago.

Sometimes, it’s also tempting to wonder why I can’t recover but still stay the same weight as when I was sick.

These are NORMAL thoughts because as human beings, when we get anxious, insecure or when we are faced with remarkable change, it’s in our nature to want to resort to & rely on old habits.

It’s called comfort.

The thing about recovery is that it’s BY NO MEANS COMFORTABLE & YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.

We decide to recover because we know what the alternative entails.

We’ve been there & in choosing recovery, we choose to leave the “comfortable” alternative in our past & we choose to be greater, stronger & better than what we’re leaving behind.

So, on days when I look in the mirror & I feel negative thoughts  anxieties trickling their way & when I judge every curve on my new body, I take a second to break down what’s going on in my mind & then, I come back down to earth & to the beautiful world I’m living in & I ask myself:

What is bad body image?

Bad body image is simply your mind’s way of bullying your body. The problem isn’t with your body, it’s what you think of it.

So how do you get rid of it? GET RID OF THE THOUGHTS THAT CREATE & FUEL IT.

Trust me, I know. It’s easier said than done, but difficult doesn’t mean it isn’t doable.

Whether you’re suffering from an ED or are in recovery or are not dealing with one at all, bad body image is something that hits us all at some point in our lives.

When it hits you, take a second look in the mirror & CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS.

Remind yourself of all the reasons you are beautiful:

  • all your inner qualities that can’t be materialized;

  • all the beautiful things you experience because your body sustains you every single second of every single day;

  • all the obstacles & hardships that shaped you;

  • yes, even all your imperfections, the ones you see & that your mind is pushing you to deem as “imperfect flaws”, but that are really a part of what makes you YOU.

Remind yourself of all those things & just like magic, YOUR THOUGHTS WILL CHANGE.

You’ll gain the strength to not let yourself be bullied by thoughts & realize that bad body image only exists if you let it. If you let your thoughts take over your mind, control your perception & fail to let you see the truth behind your reflection.


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