REAL TALK: Breakouts!

REAL TALK: Breakouts!

REAL TALK: We all get breakouts.

They happen for a million different reasons: Stress & anxiety, hormone imbalances, unhealthy gut, reactions, irritations, allergies, poor nutrition, etc.

Whatever the reason, it happens to the best of us.

We’re human.

And just like our bodies, breakouts are the way our skin speaks to us & tells us something’s up!

So naturally, in the same way we (should) respond to our bodies, we respond to our skin!

We try to relieve stress & anxiety, or at least, cope with & finds ways to manage it.

We try to fix the hormone imbalances or take supplements to help regulate them.

We take steps to nourish our gut with healthy bacteria to heal it & we incorporate daily probiotics.

We stop using products that make us react, irritate our skin or that we’re allergic to.

We make a conscious effort to eat better & to avoid processed, refined & packaged foods.

We do all of this in hopes that it will make the breakout go away. 

BUT SOMETIMES, we also go to bed looking EXACTLY LIKE THIS. Lookin’ a little cray-cray. No makeup. Frizzy hair tied. & Face lathered in EradiKate in a (desperado) attempt to get rid of this breakout.

IT’S LIFE & more importantly, IT’S REALITY.

Don’t let the breakout get to you, bring you down or make you feel any less confident or beautiful.

At the end of the day, it’s just a stupid breakout. It’s there. A constant reminder. I know. BUT THAT’S ALL IT IS. Go about your day. Do what you can to make it go away but if it lasts a few days & overstays its welcome, SO BE IT.

Go to bed looking LIKE THIS & pray for the best come morning.

And if it’s still there, LIVE WITH IT until it decides to leave you.

In the meantime, know that YOU’RE A BEAUTY, yes, even with all your imperfections. Actually, the fact that you can love, embrace them & not let them bring you down makes you even MORE BEAUTIFUL my loves!

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