Making Transformation Fridays A Thing. Write Your Story Then Live It.

Making Transformation Fridays A Thing. Write Your Story Then Live It.

You have the power to decide that this is NOT how your story will end.

You’re never too broken, scarred, hurt or in too deep to create change.

Choosing to make a change doesn’t mean the broken heart, scar, hurt never happened or that you never reached rock bottom, it just means you’ve reached a point where you acknowledge that while all of that is a PART of your life, it’s not YOUR LIFE or WHO YOU ARE.

So take the pen into your OWN HANDS.

WRITE YOUR STORY, whatever you want it to be.


LIVE it until you reach a point where you’d be content if it ended right there.


Keep writing, experiencing, struggling, fighting, living, inspiring & striving to be a BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF EVERY DAY.

As you continue writing, take a second to flip back & to see how much you’ve grown & how much YOUR STORY HAS UNFOLDED.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the now that we forget where we came from. & Because we forget, we fail to see just how much we’ve progressed.

Months ago, when I first started exercising, I’d regained my mental & emotional strength and stability & I thought I was physically strong (or at least, stronger), but today, when I look back? The strength I see & feel is INCOMPARABLE.

These photos were taken three months apart. Not that long, right?


The one on the left is where I come from: A 26-year old girl almost recovered from anorexia, slowly easing herself back into a workout regimen, unsure of what she can handle, take on, get through & somewhat afraid that she may push herself too hard.

The one on the right is where I am today: The same 26-year old girl, recovered from anorexia but still on a journey, following a workout regimen that she never dreamt she would, getting through workouts that seemed impossible, very aware of what she can take on, handle & get through, not afraid that she’ll push too hard as she listens to her body & feeling and looking stronger than she ever has.

This transformation is possible because I took the pen into my hands & I wrote my story the way I WANTED IT TO LOOK.

It’s still unfolding, I’m still writing & it doesn’t end here.


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