Transformation Tuesdays: When You’re One Decision Away From Changing Your Life, You Make That Decision.

Transformation Tuesdays: When You’re One Decision Away From Changing Your Life, You Make That Decision.

December 2016 ➡️ August 2017.

So much can change in eight months.

Yes, my transformation was hard.

Yes, it frightened me, destroyed me at times & even knocked me down.

Yes, there were times I wanted to stop & give up.

My transformation was hard, but it was worth it.

It frightened, destroyed me & knocked me down.

But, it also allowed me to face & overcome my greatest fears.

It let me pick up all the broken & destroyed pieces of my heart & put them back together.

It made me whole.

It knocked me down but gave me the strength & the ability to see the value in picking myself right back up.

It made me want to stop & give up.

But, it also made me persevere, push myself & fight.

It made me persevere, push myself & fight because with every accomplishment, every meal, every bite, every pound gained, every smile & every laugh, my transformation gave me hope & it reminded me that the little improvements I saw & felt everyday were signs that I was walking further away from my despair, my enemy, my demons & my destruction.

With each passing day, I felt more alive.




Sparks fired in my soul & I began to feel human again.

I began to feel like I deserved more than my illness.

In the picture on the left, I didn’t see my worth.

My transformation had not yet begun.

I had not yet learned the value in EFFORT.

I was too focused on PERFECTION (or on what I thought was perfection).

I did not realize that I was ONE DECISION away from getting my life back.

But that’s because I was not ready.

I did not want it back yet.

I found comfort in one thing only & that thing stood in the way of my transformation.

In the picture on the right, I’m healthy, whole & alive.

I see my worth.

My transformation hasn’t only begun but has skyrocketed.

I see the value in effort & in self-improvement.

I brought that effort every single second of every single day & that’s how my transformation occurred.

I let go of my perfectionism.

I made that ONE DECISION & I have my life back.

I have it back because I was FINALLY READY.

Today, I find comfort in MYSELF, IN MY BODY & IN MY MIND.

I find comfort in WHO I AM & this is what keeps fuelling my transformation.

Eight months ago, people told me I would thank myself in a few months.

I didn’t believe them.

Today, I say, wholeheartedly, that they couldn’t have been more right.


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