Sunday Morning Workouts, Priorities & You Time!

Sunday Morning Workouts, Priorities & You Time!

Getting a workout in on a Sunday morning feels twice as good.

Let’s be honest, Sundays are for lazing around, brunching, Netflix, enjoying the last few hours of the weekend & basically, taking it EASY, right?

BUT, what if I told you that you could do all of that & even more if you get a workout in somewhere in between?


You can & you will. 

Not only will you feel amazing, but you’ll also still get to do EVERYTHING YOU LOVE ABOUT SUNDAY, all while having MORE energy & being in a BETTER MOOD.  

Your workout doesn’t have to be all kinds of intense & crazy.

I mean, it’s still the weekend after all!

Do something you love!

Just get your body moving.

  • Go for an outdoor walk or run.

  • Get in some light cardio or strength training.

  • Go to a yoga or Pilates class!

Make the time FOR YOU.

You’ve got a full week of work, school, housekeeping, cooking, taking care of the kids (basically, a whole week of LIFE) ahead of you.

And yes, sometimes life & priorities just get in the way! 

So, if you can, try to make some time for YOU today (& everyday).

Recognizing & acknowledging that you are WORTHY of that time is a crucial part in finding your BALANCE.

And if that “you time” isn’t a work out, good on you. It doesn’t have to be.

Do what makes YOU happy.

Read, write, relax, nap, cook/bake, go out, sit & do nothing, reflect, pamper yourself.

What you do doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you see the importance in it & that you DO IT.


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