Homemade Creamy Silky Smooth Vanilla Cinnamon Raw Almond Butter a.k.a. I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Store-Bought!

Homemade Creamy Silky Smooth Vanilla Cinnamon Raw Almond Butter a.k.a. I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Store-Bought!

Hi munchkins!!


Homemade creamy almond butter?

Sure thang, honey!

As you guys have probably realized by now, throughout my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, I have really jumped on the “homemade everything” bandwagon & I’ve been LOVING IT. I love the idea of knowing exactly what’s going into my food, from the main ingredients to the spices (YES, any type of sea salt REALLY IS THAT MUCH BETTER than table salt, BTW!).

One downside to all of this is that because the homemade stuff contains ZERO PRESERVATIVES, it doesn’t last as long, BUT, TBH, it’s so good that it would never last beyond the point of turning bad anyways, so it’s really a WIN WIN!

The other downside is that it definitely requires more effort & time than simply opening a jar or canned goods, BUT THE HEALTH BENEFITS THAT I REAP FROM IT ARE WELL WORTH THE TIME & EFFORT (Plus, when you have a passion for it, time & effort aren’t part of your vocabulary! You just live & breathe it because it’s what you love! But we’ll save that rant for another time!).

ANYWHO, back to the “homemade everything” bandwagon. I’ve made all things spreads, dressings, jams, sauces, marinades, dips, hummus, almond milk, crackers, bake goods, pizza dough, green juice & pesto (& probably a lot more that I can’t really think of right now) & I’d always heard people rave about homemade almond butter, BUT NEVER GOT AROUND TO IT. I don’t even really know why. I guess I thought it would be complicated, in the same way that I thought making my own almond milk would be (BTW, recipe HERE!).

But, then, I did it.

I figured, if I was able to homemake basically EVERYTHING ELSE, I could probably tackle this & kill it. And trust me when I say that it was probably one of the easiest things in the world. Yes, it takes time but that time is PASSIVE. ERGO, you don’t have to do ANYTHING. You just have to let your food processor do all the work & scrape the sides every now & then.

Yes, you’ll probably have a massive migraine & broken ear drums by the time you have a silky smooth & creamy almond butter spread, BUT IT’S WORTH IT. Trust me.

Not only is it cheaper than the store-bought stuff but it also gives you control over EVERYTHING (Yes, I like to have control over what goes into my body. Call me crazy – I call it healthy).

P.S. Your almonds don’t need to be raw (but they can be if you wish &/or if that’s what you’ve got!). Roasted almonds will work just fine!

NOW, how on earth does 2 or 3 cups of almonds (or however many cup you decide to use) turn into a smooth, creamy, rich, decadent, velvety almond butter, you ask?

I KNOW. I ASKED MYSELF THE SAME QUESTION & HAD NO IDEA HOW THAT PROCESS WOULD EVEN WORK OR HAPPEN, but it did. You just have to have a wee bit of patience. 

(If you need to hasten the process, you can warm the almonds in an oven first. All you gotta do is preheat it to 250F & roast ‘em for about 10-15 minutes until they are warm to the touch! Basically, what this will do is help their oils release faster in the food processor!).

Either way, BE PREPARED – The food processor will be going at it for quite some time! It’s a process, let me tell you. At first, you’ll notice that the almonds start to collect around the edges of the bowl & you will have to stop & scrape every few minutes to facilitate blending! I noticed a change start to happen around the 15-minute mark!


At the 15-minute mark, basically, the oils start to be released from the almonds & eventually, they’ll start to stick together & form a BALL OF ALMOND BUTTER THAT MOVES AROUND THE BOWL. The almond butter will also get a bit warm! 

Five to seven minutes later (So, in case you suck at math like me, around the 20-22 minute mark), MAGIC HAPPENS (Just when you started to get frustrated & thought you were going to throw it all out because it seemed like it was NEVER going to turn into almond butter). Suddenly, it gets a little more grainy!

AND THEN, we’re almost there. After a few more minutes (2-4 minutes) of processing, YOUR ALMOND BUTTER WILL BECOME SMOOTH & CREAMY & EVERY SYNONYM IN THE BOOK FOR THOSE WORDS.

At that point, I decided to add in some pure organic vanilla extract, sea salt & cinnamon, just to naturally sweeten & spice it up a bit! Don’t forget, not only does this babe of an almond butter not contain any preservatives, but it also contains ZERO ADDED SUGAR! So, if you’re someone who likes your almond butter a little flavoured or sweet, you will definitely enjoy the vanilla add-in! 

Once all the add-ins were thrown in, I blended it again for 2 minutes to ensure that they got evenly incorporated & combined & VOILA!


NOW that I’ve comforted & reassured you that IT’S NORMAL IF THIS FEELS LIKE IT TAKES FOREVER, let’s talk about why this stuff is SO WORTH MAKING AT HOME & why it’s so PERFECT!





Refined sugar-free!

Simple (but requires a little bit of patience!)


Packed with healthy fats!

Just FOUR ingredients: Raw organic almonds. Cinnamon. Vanilla. Sea salt.



No preservatives!

I MEAN… do you really need any more convincing? I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT IT HAD ME AT ALMOND BUTTER. LITERALLY. Don’t lie. I know it had you too. C’mon. 

NOW, without further ado & because you’ll need a good half hour to prep this babe, LET’S GET TO THE NITTY-GRITTY (especially since I can imagine that you are most probably salivating at the thought of this!).

My loves, YOU WILL NEED:

  • 2 cups of raw organic almonds (You can use raw or roasted almonds! Raw almonds will take a bit longer, whereas freshly roasted almonds will break down into nut butter faster, if they are added to the food processor while still warm!)
  • 1/2 tsp. of pure organic vanilla extract;
  • 1/4 tsp. of sea salt;
  • Cinnamon drizzle!

NOW, for that HOW-TO?

  • Okay, so first things first, you don’t have to heat your almonds first, BUT YOU CAN. If you have time & rather use them raw, just skip to the next step. BUT, IF YOU WANT TO SPEED UP THE PROCESS, you can warm the almonds in an oven at 250F for 10-15 minutes!


  • Whether you warm ‘em or not, once the almonds are ready, place them in a large food processor with an “S” blade & process them until creamy. You will DEFINITELY have to stop to scrape down the sides every now & then. AND YES, it will take anywhere between 25 & 30 minutes (or less, if you do decide to heat your almonds first!). 
    • P.S. You might want to stop & give your food processor a break at the halfway mark. Mine handled it just fine, but some processors, depending how strong they are, might automatically shut off for a break if they start to get too warm!).






  • Once your almond butter is TOTALLY SMOOTH & CREAMY, add in the vanilla, cinnamon & sea salt & pulse again for anywhere between 2-4 more minutes!



  • NOW, transfer the almond butter to a glass container or jar or Tupperware & store it in the fridge (The original recipe by Detoxinista that I followed indicated that almond butter with no additives usually lasts about a month, if not longer, whereas if you add in vanilla extract, this MAY reduce the shelf life slightly, but I don’t think it will by much – EITHER WAY, IT WON’T LAST LONG ENOUGH TO GO BAD. TRUST ME!).
  • DEVOUR! Spread on sprouted toast, rice cakes, eat with fruit or veggies, use in baking & energy ball recipes, OR EAT IT BY THE SPOONFUL! 



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