Laugh So Hard That It Hurts.

Laugh So Hard That It Hurts.

It’s in the smallest moments when I realize that fighting like HELL for the past two years of my life was worth it. Every second of it.

It’s the peace of mind & serenity I feel when I wake up in the morning, having no negative thoughts pound & race through my mind other than the fact that I’m so blessed to wake up with a normally beating heart & feeling HEALTHY & STRONG enough to live another day

It’s walking into the grocery store & having my mouth water from the fresh produce & delicious food & not feeling an ounce of anxiety  or distress at the thought of buying food that months ago, didn’t appear on my “safe list”.

It’s looking forward to my meals & not quivering, shaking & crying inside at the mere thought of having to take my first bite, let alone finish my plate. 

It’s being able to make it through a workout, feeling on top of the world & without feeling like I’m about to collapse.

It’s in the moments that make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe.

It’s in the acknowledgement that my thoughts belong to me & no one else.

It’s in the hope that I have to share my story with the world & strive to inspire others on whatever journey they’re on/about to embark on.

It’s in my mission to raise awareness about eating disorders & mental illnesses so that we can fight a stigma regarding issues whose severity is far too often misunderstood, undermined, ignored & underestimated.


Recovery allowed me to set sail on a journey towards regaining my health & mental stability, but also one towards self-growth, self-discovery & self-love.

Along the way, I discovered what it truly means to live as though tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

I learned to cherish & be present in every moment & to be grateful for every new day.

For me, everyday is an opportunity for a new beginning.

A chance to be or do something better than yesterday.

But most of all, everyday is A REASON TO LAUGH, especially when you come from a place where that action that seems so trivial & commonplace was forced & fake, yet something I so BADLY yearned for.

So today & everyday, I make it my mission to SMILE & to laugh so hard IT HURTS because that means I’m ALIVE.


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