My Weekly Workout Routine!

My Weekly Workout Routine!

Hi munchkins!


I hope you’re all having a great day!

I know it’s only Tuesday but it actually feels a bit like summer in Montreal today, so cheer up! The week’s only just begun BUT AT LEAST WE’VE GOT SOME SUN!

After several requests from you guys about my workout routine & what it consists of, I’m finally bringing you a permanent post to refer back to (& a little HUGE rant to go with it!)

I workout six times a week & I like to take one day off (but I will take another if I find that my body is telling me it’s tired or needs a break. As always, I LISTEN TO MY BODY!).

Before I get into the details of my weekly workout routine, I just want you guys to keep in mind that establishing a workout routine that works for YOU is something VERY PERSONAL. We all have different goals, purposes & reasons for which we work out & our bodies are all SO DIFFERENT & have different needs.

All this to say: I’m providing this information in response to all the questions I get regarding my workout regimen & how I stay on track BUT this does not mean that this routine will necessarily work for you, especially if you are JUST starting out! Like I always say, when it comes to reintroducing anything new into your life & daily routine, EASE INTO IT. Don’t overwhelm your mind or your body. Let yourself LEARN TO LOVE IT & ULTIMATELY, LET IT BECOME A PART OF YOUR LIFE & OF WHO YOU ARE!

Working out & exercise is a bit of a controversial topic for somebody that suffered from an eating disorder or who is currently suffering because sometimes the obsession with weight loss is rooted in excessive exercise. This is true for people suffering from anorexia, but also from eating disorders like bulimia or binge-eating disorder, where the victims will compensate for the food consumed by working out excessively & pushing themselves beyond their limits in an attempt to eliminate feelings of remorse & guilt.

For me, my anorexia was never about that. As you guys know, it was always about deprivation in terms of food, but once again, it really all depends on the person. For this reason, I understand why you guys have expressed concern regarding how often I’ve been working out & I appreciate it FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. You guys continuously have my back & look out for me and I am really so grateful to have each & every single one of you part of my life & following my journey!

BUT PLEASE, REST ASSURED THAT: I really listen to my body. That’s probably one of the main things that I’ve learned throughout recovery. Your body speaks to you & sends you all sorts of signals & signs throughout the day in order to tell you how it’s feeling. This is really the only way it has to communicate with you. If my body is telling me that it’s tired, that it just can’t push through another workout & that it simply needs a break, BREAK DAY IT IS. It has only been about 2 – 3 months since I got the green light from my physician to start working out again. I was not working out AT ALL throughout my ED, nor was I permitted to do so in the beginning of recovery (I wasn’t even allowed to go to the grocery store or to take walks outside…). The goal was really to KEEP ALL THE CALORIES IN & to FOCUS ON WEIGHT GAIN. 

Now, more than seven months into recovery & I’m at my optimal weight (or, well, I feel like I am – I no longer weigh myself & I really try to focus on HOW I FEEL). I feel amazing. I have a TON of energy. And most of all, working out is about MORE THAN JUST THE EXERCISE. I do not work out to lose weight. I work out because of all the other benefits that I reap from it. Yes, I’m gaining muscle & my body is changing & I am LOVING & EMBRACING ALL THOSE CHANGES EVERY SINGLE DAY. But, I genuinely work out because of the RELEASE, the way it helps me cope with ANXIETY & STRESS & due to the fact that it really allows me to DISCONNECT from everything going on in my daily life & routine and to FOCUS on pushing through the workout as though it’s my BABY, literally. 

Once again, this is not me telling you that my schedule is “normal” for every single person on the planet. Keep in mind that I also do eat A LOT & VERY FREQUENTLY, so I do have a lot of energy to expend. ALSO, on days when I work out more (for example, when I work out twice a day) or on days when my workout is more intense, I’ll eat more & that’s because my body is generally ASKING ME FOR MORE FUEL.

So, when does it become too much? When does it become an obsession?

I cannot really answer that. What’s too much for one person may not be too much for another. All of this is HIGHLY DEPENDANT ON YOUR BODY, THE DAY YOU’VE HAD & HOW MUCH YOUR BODY FEELS IT CAN TAKE. If you had an intense or very long day at work, with family, or had a crazy night of partying the night before your work out, ODDS ARE IT WILL BE HARDER TO GET YOURSELF TO WORKOUT THE NEXT DAY. This is why I cannot stress enough how PERSONAL this topic is & how many exterior factors can have an impact on the intensity & frequency of workouts YOUR BODY is able to take.


Be honest with yourself.

Trust your gut. Trust your body & LISTEN TO IT.

And yes, EXERCISE CAN BECOME AN ADDICTION. It has the very, very strong potential to become just that. BUT, YOU HAVE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT WORKS FOR YOU & YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE AT A POINT IN YOUR LIFE WHERE IT WON’T BECOME AN ADDICTION BECAUSE YOU WON’T LET IT. How so? You must be in a place where you’ve developed a healthy relationship with food & exercise & where you feel comfortable in your body in your skin. If you’re working out to burn every single calorie you consume in order to compensate, then yes, IT WILL BECOME AN ADDICTION & has the dangerous potential to turn into an eating disorder.

All this to say: In order to develop a healthy relationship with food & a workout routine that MAKES SENSE FOR YOU & DOES NOT PUT TOO MUCH STRAIN ON YOUR BODY, you really have to be in a good place mentally & have that mental stability when in comes to your body-image & self-esteem.

And that’s exactly where I am.

I come from a place of restriction, sadness, deprivation, trauma, torment, torture, isolation & HURTING MY BODY IN SO MANY WAYS. I know all of this NOW & I also know that I would NEVER let myself fall back into that place again.

SO REST ASSURED that if I am working out this way now, it’s because I have all the energy in the world to do so. I do not push myself beyond my limits. I really listen to my body & I have the healthiest relationship I have ever had with health, my body, food & exercise.

Like I said earlier, the exercise is not even about the weight loss. Yes, the physical effects come with the package, but for me, it’s all about the way it helps me cope mentally & emotionally, the release, the distraction, the disconnect & the adrenaline rush!

NOW, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, after a rant & a freaking half (Sorry not sorry, my loves), let me tell you munchkins what my week consists of in terms of working out!


  • Body Design: Full body workout combining strength training & conditioning, with a bit of cardio! Great for sculpting & toning the body / building resistance & strength & increasing muscle mass!) OR 
  • Hit Fit: Cardio & muscle conditioning / Boot camp style class/ Punching & kicking with standing punching bag (great as a psychological exit path for stress & anxiety) / This workout promotes high calorie burn with a lot of muscle toning & a huge focus on the arms!


  • Pilates AND
  • Insanity; OR
  • My own personal workout at the gym, which is usually a mix of cardio & weight training, or sometimes just a cardio workout consisting of a variation of:
    • 25 minutes on the elliptical (resistance varying between 15 – 20);
    • 20 minutes on the treadmill (interval training program);
    • 5 minutes rowing;
    • 10 minutes on the stairmaster &
    • 3-5 minutes of cool down on the treadmill!


  • Hit Fit (Same as SUNDAY!) AND
  • Spinning: Great for toning the legs & core / Helps build endurance / Super high intensity cardio workout / Variation of speeds, intensities & resistance climbs!


  • Core & More: Circuit-style class with stations, consisting of a variation of workouts to tone & sculpt the body, using anything from steps to gliders to weights to medicine balls to TRX to jump ropes to YOUR OWN BODY STRENGTH!) OR
  • BREAK (If I didn’t take a day off on Monday).


  • Mindie’s 6Pack: ABS. ABS. ABS. HALF the class focuses on moves targeting the abs & core, while the second HALF is all about what the class is feeling that day, so she will change it up & do things like cardio, MORE ABS (FML!), legs, arms etc. It’s basically a boot camp style class focused on the abs, but Mindie always adds that special touch to target another part of the body! OR
  • Triple Play: This class is broken down into three parts, bar weights, kettle bells & cardio! It’s legit a FULL BODY WORKOUT. We use SRT Barbells, which has a spring-resistance technology that helps activate MORE muscles & adds another planet of movement, making a regular exercise, like a bicep curl  adding chest & deltoid activation. BASICALLY, AN FML SITCH. But it feels SO GOOD WHEN YOU’RE DONE (& SORE AF). AND
  • Spinning!


  • IronMan Spin: 30 minutes of INTENSE spinning & 30 minute of circuit training, which includes battle ropes, weights, TRX, sleds etc. This class is an amazing cardio workout that will help you build endurance but also give you a FULL body workout!) OR
  • Boot Camp:  Another full body workout, combining cardio & strength straining & using various equipment, drills & intervals to bring up the heart rate, BOOST METABOLISM & tone your muscles, NOT TO MENTION MAKE YOU SWEAT & DIE & COLLAPSE. AND/OR
  • Eccentrics: On days where I’m feeling a bit more tired, I’ll go for eccentrics because it combines stretching BUT ALSO, strengthening, ballet, Tai Chi, physiotherapy techniques & other forms of fitness to help tone, increase flexibility & balance! The focus is basically on making the muscles stronger in lengthened positions but I find that the amount of stretching also helps with the muscle soreness after an intense week of working out! Overall, this class helps with toning the arms & butt and will allow you to develop more flexibility, agility & balance!


  • Pila-Tone: A Pilates class that focuses on toning the body through various movements. It focuses on the core and stabilizer muscles & helps build strength and endurance without bulky muscle. It’s great for toning, but also for the mind! Pilates is a great workout overall for enhancing mobility, agility, stamina, improving circulation & range of motion & really just training your body to move more efficiently! one your body, mind and spirit. Enhance your mobility, agility and stamina. OR
  • TurboKick: CARDIO. CARDIO. CARDIO! This is basically a kickboxing class, which consists of a series of punching, kicking, squatting, lunging & jumping routines that are repeated numerous times, with increased intensity each time. This class will make you break a sweat & a half & help you build your cardio endurance! OR
  • My own workout at the gym (Same as Monday!)


Please don’t be shy to message me if you have any other questions!




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