What R . E . C . O . V . E . R . Y Means To Me <3

What R . E . C . O . V . E . R . Y Means To Me <3

R . E . C . O . V . E . R . Y


Recovery has restored my physical, mental, emotional & social RADIANCE.

I am glowing (Literally).

I am mentally stable.

I am in tune with ALL my emotions.

I let myself FEEL all the good, bad, terrible & wonderful things, every day & I’m FINALLY the social butterfly I always was.


Recovery made me EAGER.

For my future.

For new beginnings.

For a new life.

For a new career.

For a new body.


It has given me something to look forward to, restored my desire to live & made me realize the true value of WANTING TO wake up each morning because I have a purpose, because I love life, because I love me & because I CAN.


Recovery taught me the meaning of COURAGE.

The physical weakness, exhaustion, mental warfare & emotional turmoil I dealt with in my darkest days were enough to send me off the deep end with no desire of ever finding my true purpose.

I barely had the strength, energy or will to open my eyes every morning & face a new day because I knew that waking up meant I was back at war.

I surrendered to the illness & let it take over my mind, body & soul.

I was a rag doll to the monster inside of me UNTIL I mustered up the COURAGE to actively choose recovery & begin to search for my strength, passion, love & desire to live.


Recovery threw countless OBSTACLES, setbacks & challenges my way.

Instead of falling back into the cave, I embraced them & used them as opportunities to grow & to better myself as a person in ways that I never knew were within the realm of possibility.


Recovery taught me the true VALUE of appreciating & loving every part of ME.

I’m so unbelievably proud of who I am because I worked my butt off to get here & I promise to never ever give up the fight.

Recovery is a life-long road that I must embrace, but it’s a part of my life I’d never trade. It taught me the value of strength, acceptance, hard work, commitment, effort, perseverance & inner peace.

It showed me who I am & why I deserve a place on this earth.


Recovery taught me what it means to put in EFFORT.

Seven months in & I KNOW that if you don’t FIGHT the thoughts, triggers/anxiety, negative emotions & voices every second, you open the door to letting all those HORRIBLE things back into your life & giving yourself (& the control over your mind & body) to a demon who will do everything to KILL YOU.


Recovery has been the most REWARDING experience of my life.

It showed me:

That nothing is impossible.

That I always had the ability to re-discover my true self.

That I fought against this illness for months & it was worth it.

That every moment, thought & behaviour was a result of a conscious decision to defeat the enemy living inside me & to pick up the weight of the world off my shoulders & break free of it.

That I took my life back & I fought like hell for it until it was MINE & IN MY CONTROL.

That I found myself & fell in love with the girl that I found.

Today & everyday, I appreciate this girl & love every part of her.


Recovery let me rediscover my YOUTH. It opened my eyes to a beautiful new world where I am FREE to laugh, cry, live, love, eat, enjoy, sleep, party, work & be all that I YEARNED to be when I was a slave to anorexia.


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