My Go-To Post Hair-Wash Haircare Routine!

My Go-To Post Hair-Wash Haircare Routine!

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HAPPY LABOUR DAY! Wishing you all a beautiful day off! Relax, enjoy & spend time with friends & family, or give yourself some YOU-TIME! 

After several requests from you munchkins, I’m finally bringing you a permanent reference for my go-to post hair wash haircare routine! As you guys know, I’m not HUGE on haircare (I‘m much more of a makeup & skincare galHEY, YOU GOTTA CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES, RIGHT?), but I do use a select few products that I’ve come to know & really love! They just agree with my hair, do wonders for it & let’s just say, WE JUST CLICK!

I’ve been using this Moroccan Oil product for years & the Verb Products for a few months & this has become my GO-TO POST HAIR-WASH HAIRCARE! 

The combination of these products nourishes, texturizes, hydrates, moisturizes, smoothes, de-frizzes, detangles & heat protects!



HOW? After towel-drying my hair, I separate my hair, put it to both sides & spray it generously. I twirl my fingers around to make sure the product really seeps in, then I brush it out!

THE NITTY-GRITTY: Made with natural sea salt, algae, sunflower seed extract, green tea, quinoa, kelp & sweet almond extract, it gives my hair a light texture with beautiful natural waves! It air drys beautifully, doesn’t leave your hair looking overly styled, smells delicious & like all VERB products, it’s super affordable!



HOW? I take 2-3 pumps of this in the palm of my hand, rub my palms together & apply it to my ends, then brush it out!

THE NITTY-GRITTYI’ve been using this on my ends ever since I can remember!

It’s hydrating (great for dry hair!), smoothing & super nourishing! You can also use this as a finishing oil to leave your hair shiny once you’ve blowdried your hair OR to tame your fly-aways!



HOW? I spray it, run my fingers through my hair & brush it!

THE NITTY-GRITTYThis is the GOOD STUFF. It’s an all around product that does all things defrizz, detangle, smooth, nourish, prep for styling, smooth & hydrate!

Made with moringa, keratin, quinoa, argan oil, green tea & bamboo extract, this stuff smells delicious & does wonders at keeping my hair looking & feeling healthy. It’s safe to say I seriously cannot style my hair without it!



HOW?:  I take 2 drops of this in the palm of my hands, rub my palms together, apply it through my hair & brush!

THE NITTY-GRITTY: Made with moringa oil, bran oil & bamboo extractAs the last step in my routine, this oil is nourishing/leaves hair feeling shiny & smooth! I use it as a heat protector & to tame the frizz!




LASTLY, I part my hair with a comb or with the end of my Stylize brush (get it at the drugstore) & then I brush it out one last time et voilá! LET AIR DRY or STYLE!


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