Know Your Worth & You Shall Grow.

Know Your Worth & You Shall Grow.

With every workout, I grow.

Working out is so much more than just exercise.

It’s therapy.

It’s a release.

It’s empowering.

It’s fuelling.

It’s a time for reflection. 

It’s a way for me to disconnect. 

It’s an embodiment of my progress. 

It’s a REWARD.

It’s a reward because seven months ago, it was a PROHIBITION.


Even if it weren’t? It was something I NEVER would’ve had the energy or strength to do. 

So in those moments when I’m spinning my brains out.

When I feel like my body is going to stop on me.

When I’m squatting & about to collapse.

Or when my arms are shaking & I’m just about ready to throw the dumbbells in the air.

I think of those moments when I struggled to lift my body out of bed.

When I spent a half hour just trying to get into a position comfortable enough so that my bones wouldn’t protrude or hurt.

When I couldn’t make it down the stairs from my bedroom to the kitchen without getting heart palpitations.

When all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball & disappear.


Then suddenly… My body ignites.

My legs are pedalling faster than ever.

I’m squatting lower than ever & I’m holding them harder & stronger than ever.

My arms regain their composure & the dumbbells are moving smoothly with every repetition.


All I want to do is keep going.

Keep pushing.

Keep fighting. Make it through.


Just like that, I DO.

So what am I getting at?

Just as each challenge, adversity & baby step I take in my recovery journey is an opportunity for growth, so is every workout.

All of these things have one thing in common:

They are a reflection of my strength & of how far I’ve come.


The epitome of the fact that when you want something REAL BAD & you FIGHT FOR IT, you have the POTENTIAL to ATTAIN it.

You just have to KNOW YOURSELF.



Most of all?


When you’ve got that, you’ve got it all. 





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