Value Your Being Over Your Body: Health Is So Much More About How You Feel Than About How You Look.

Value Your Being Over Your Body: Health Is So Much More About How You Feel Than About How You Look.

Your body will be around for a long time.

It’s what sustains you.

Your most priceless possession.

It’s what keeps you alive.

Accept it.

Invest in it.

Take care of it.

Love it.

Listen to it.

Nourish it.

Value it.

Appreciate it.

Health is not synonymous with diets, weight loss, restriction or starvation.

Health is feeling power & strength.

Health is happiness.

Health is waking up & feeling comfortable in your skin.

It’s about knowing & accepting who you are.

About finding yourself, mentally, physically & spiritually.

It’s not just about what you’re eating.

It’s also about what you’re thinking & saying.

It’s acknowledging that health looks different on everyone & means different things to everybody & that YOUR JOURNEY is unique & beautiful in its own way.

A healthy body is about so much more than aesthetics.

When you learn to value your BEING over your BODY.

When you realize that health is much more about how you FEEL than about how you LOOK.

You’ll see that a healthy outside starts on the inside.

You’ll never be fully content with the way you look if you aren’t fully at ease with the way you feel.

Trust me, for far too long, anorexia kept me going, fuelled me & convinced me that if I kept at it & pushed myself harder, I’d fit into her mould & be the most beautiful, thinnest & “best version” of myself.

What I didn’t realize was that no matter how much my demons fuelled me & ingrained these thoughts in my mind & pushed me to attain this “perfect” physical state of being…

I didn’t feel any better.

Any healthier.

Any happier.

Or any more alive.

In fact, I was dying inside cause I didn’t have control over my body.

Over my health, state of mind or my life.

It’s only when I began to regain that control that I realized that I had so falsely associated being happy & healthy with all the manipulation anorexia fed me.

I lost sight of what truly matters.

Taking care of my body meant depriving, starving it & neglecting & sacrificing my mental well-being to attain an unrealistic standard of physical “perfection”.

Then, I took matters into my OWN HANDS & learned that health begins on the inside.

The outside is merely a reflection of how you FEEL.







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