Transformation Thursdays – Strong Is Sexy!

Transformation Thursdays – Strong Is Sexy!

Transformation Thursdays.

The picture on the left was taken about a week into starting to work out again.

The one on the right was taken tonight, before my spin class.

The pictures were taken almost 2 months apart.

But the transformation speaks wonders. 

I’ve come to learn that transformation isn’t about being perfect.

I don’t have a six pack.

My arms aren’t super toned.

I don’t have a thigh gap.

My thighs are getting more voluptuous.


But all of that is secondary.

I’m stronger than I ever was.

Both physically & mentally.


Guess what?


Transformation is about effort.


When you bring that effort, every day, that’s where transformation happens.

That’s how real change occurs.

I’ve learned to embrace each challenge in my life as an opportunity for self-transformation.

I had some really bad, sad, hard, gut wrenching, cried-my-eyes-out days in that journey towards self-transformation but…

What allowed me to pull through & to get to where I am is the fact that I trusted the process.

I decided that I wasn’t going to let myself stay where I was, even though that was the “easy way out” & the “road most traveled”.


Now I see that it doesn’t matter who I used to be (rather, who ED turned me into).

All that matters is the strong woman I’ve become.

In abandoning ED, I abandoned the irrational fear of getting “bigger” & replaced it with the passion for getting stronger.

The human body is an incredible thing, born to move & climb mountains.

It was truly time I realized that I had to treat it that way.

So yes, the physical change in these photos is drastic.

But what’s even more drastic is the emotional, psychological & mental strength that has come with it.

I’ve gained the ability to be fiercely unafraid of surrendering my mind, body & soul to the uncertainty of tomorrow.


That uncertainty led me HERE. RIGHT HERE & NOW.



So today, as I compare these two photos, I vow to:

Continue surrendering to that uncertainty.

Value freedom.


Take each day as it comes.


CONTINUE to trust the beautiful process that made the picture on the right MY REALITY.






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