This Is My Reflection (But, It’s Not Who I Am): What You See Is Your Competition.

This Is My Reflection (But, It’s Not Who I Am): What You See Is Your Competition.

This is my reflection.

This mirror shows me what I look like but NOT who I am & now that I know that, I don’t take it seriously.

I know now more than ever that though the mirror shows me the reflection of my appearance, it’s in my heart that I find the true reflection of my soul.

Life is only a reflection of what you LET YOURSELF SEE.

Look in the mirror. That’s your competition.

I’m not about to tell you that making peace with the mirror is easy or will happen overnight, but what I’m telling you is that once that peace is attained, your reflection (& your life) will change with it.

I have tried numerous times to put words to the magic that I’m feeling but I can’t seem to find a combination of letters to describe the way my spirit has taken flight & my life has turned around.

I have found light, confidence, love & purpose.

I redefined resilience & allowed myself to grow in the face of utter failure (even though it seemed like there was no way back/no mountain left to climb & numbered beats left to my broken & barely-functioning heart).

I BROKE DOWN ALL MY WALLS (& they were REALLY STRONG, SOLID BRICK WALLS) & welcomed the world to lead me where it was meant to.


You know what?

If I had the opportunity to change my dark & scary past, clean the slate & start over?

I wouldn’t.

I often ask myself where I’d be if I’d never faced ED & I know with utmost certainty that I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

The appreciation I’ve developed for the beauty of life & the beauty within me has not been served to me on a silver platterI earned it & it was really hard.

I now see the world through fresh, bright, optimistic eyes.

The fog has cleared.

I’m new.

Had I never hit rock bottom, I would’ve lived the rest of my life without understanding the true meaning of strength & resilience.

I would’ve continued to live with an almost-ending flame (& a horrible evil voice named Anorexia) guiding my spirit, rather than the radiant fire I now encompass.

My journey might have been tough but it led me here & for that reason, I wouldn’t change a thing.

So next time you look in the mirror & you’re just not feeling it?

Remind yourself that what you see is YOUR COMPETITION.

The only person you are competing with in the struggle towards self-love is YOURSELF.

Your worth is not described or defined by what you see.

Mirrors lie.

They don’t show you what’s inside of you or who you are.

Your true beauty is defined by what you FEEL about yourself, not by what you SEE.

Let go of vanity & take hold of your sanity.

Find joy & happiness in the way you feel & without even trying, YOU WILL RADIATE HAPPY!







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