You Are Your Good Days, But Also Your Bad Days. You Are Your EVERY Days.

You Are Your Good Days, But Also Your Bad Days. You Are Your EVERY Days.


A selfie!

Just because!

But… also!

My journey thus far has taught me that there’s no need to be PERFECT in order to help & inspire others.

There’s no mould I need to fit into or standard I need to live up to.

By merely sharing my life & showing the way I’ve dealt with battles, hardship, struggles, accomplishments, setbacks, progress, ups, downs, highs & lows & my IMPERFECTIONS, I’ve come to see the beauty in being REAL, RAW & HUMAN.

I’ve broken down every one of my brick walls.

Exposed my fragile heart.


Shared my strongest & most vulnerable moments.

This is my story.


I am so GRATEFUL to be standing (let alone, breathing) here, able to share it.


Embracing ALL THAT YOU ARE, whatever it is, on the great, horrible, exciting, happy, sad & even the most TERRIBLE days, THAT IS WHERE YOUR TRUE SELF IS REVEALED.

That is strength.

That is resilience.

Most of all, that is OPPORTUNITY.

The horrible days are an opportunity to acknowledge & deal with the way you feel.

BUT ALSO an opportunity to not allow yourself to lose sight of the bigger picture in the midst of a small setback.

One bad day is JUST THAT: One set of 24 hours.

It won’t change you.

Hurt you.

Take back, eliminate or RUIN the progress you’ve worked SO hard to attain.

It’s a puzzle piece in your ONGOING JOURNEY.

It serves as a stepping stone to your final destination, YOUR FINISH LINE.

It’s an opportunity to NOT ALLOW that one day  hold power over you & to recognize that you’re stronger than that.



They’re also opportunities.

They’re opportunities to acknowledge how far you’ve come & to commend yourself for it.


They fuel your fire & give you the motivation & courage to keep going.

To keep fighting.


They allow you to see the light, that may have, at one point, seemed INVISIBLE.

So when I say that embracing all that you are is where your true self is revealed, I mean it.

I mean it because you are not JUST YOUR BAD DAYS OR JUST YOUR GOOD DAYS.

You are your EVERY DAYS.

The good, the bad & the ugly.

That’s what makes you whole.

That’s what makes you YOU.

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