Monday Motivation: Let Today Be The Day You Start.

Monday Motivation: Let Today Be The Day You Start.

Happy Monday!

Let’s start the week with some motivation.

Let today be the day you start.

Start what, you ask?

Let today be the start of something new for you.

Something you’ve been meaning or wanting to do.

Something that scares the HELL out of you.

Something you’ve been avoiding.

Something you know you need to do but can’t find the strength to.

Something that drives you.


Ultimately, something that will be a step in the journey to becoming the best version of YOU.

One of many of life’s realities is that we cannot go back & start a new beginning but WE ALL HAVE THE POWER to start today & make a new ending.


This is ultimately how we learn about ourselves & those around us.

For me?

That new ending meant using the rock bottom pit I had landed in as the solid foundation on which I chose to rebuild my life.

It meant getting rid of the negativity that was surrounding me.

It meant deciding that I was not okay with staying exactly where I was.

It meant choosing to RECOVER & to LIVE.

It meant choosing my heartbeat over another day of “successfully starving myself”.

It meant choosing to love myself.

It meant letting go of the idea that I had to pretend I was happy in life & in my relationship, to satisfy everybody else.

It meant facing my biggest fears: food & eating.

It meant accepting that things don’t always go as planned (& that sometimes, that’s the best thing in the world).

It meant realizing that AS HARD AS IT WAS, I HAD TO START.

Put it this way: If you never start, you deprive yourself of the opportunity (heck, the privilege) to finish.

To accomplish.

To overcome.

To reward.

To commend.


Ultimately, to heal.

And so, if you’re feeling down or lacking the strength or determination to start, whatever it is, trust me when I say that STARTING IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD.

Everything in life starts somewhere, right?

Starting means you take off & take it upon yourself to use your inner strength & self-trust & channel it into overcoming & fighting whatever it is that’s holding you back.

Now, take a second to think:

What will today be the start of for YOU?

What is YOUR new ending?

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