Pain Is A Gift. I Swear. Don’t Believe Me? Let Yourself Feel It & See How Much You Grow.

Pain Is A Gift. I Swear. Don’t Believe Me? Let Yourself Feel It & See How Much You Grow.

I’m imperfect.

So are you.

I have flaws.

So do you.

Although our imperfections & flaws may be different, I know with utmost certainty that there’s one thing we have in common:

We are both beautiful.

Throughout recovery, I’ve learned a million things about life & about myself.

I’ve learned that being imperfect, accepting it, embracing it & being comfortable in my own skin makes me beautiful.

That life is too short (& too valuable) to spend another day at war with myself.

In a society that feeds off of our self-doubt, self-degradation & lack of self-esteem, LOVING YOU & YOUR BODY FOR ALL THAT IT IS (even the squish) is YOU REBELLING.

It’s you taking a stand.

Breaking the mould.

Being strong.

Being brave.

It’s you fighting.

It’s you showing society who’s BOSS.

I’ve also learned that we really are our own worst critic.

Sometimes, we just need to take a step back & instead of focusing on the little flaws or imperfections, we should change our perspective.

Instead of seeing the glass half-empty, we should not only see it half-full, but filled to the top.

There will ALWAYS be someone who can’t see our worth.

But ultimately, ONLY YOU have the power to not let that “someone” BE YOU.

I preach mind work every single day & I’ve come to know (& live) that it’s the MIND which BUILDS THE BODY.

When you learn to LOVE your body (every single part) despite what you’d like to improve about it, you put yourself in the right frame of mind to make HEALTHY lifestyle choices.


Ultimately, you open the door to living the most peaceful & happy life, where you don’t let physical appearance determine your self-worth.


Yes, it’s easier said than done.

You are preaching to the choir, honey.

Sometimes, it’s painful.

But you know what?

Pain is a gift.

Instead of avoiding it, let’s learn to embrace it.

Because without pain, there is no opportunity for growth.


Without growth, we stay the same.

We stay exactly where we are today.

So this is me, standing in front of a mirror, posing & I am in pain.

My HEART hurts cause my body looks different yet again.

But, I’m acknowledging the pain.

Facing & fighting it.

because there is no way I’m taking a step back, let alone staying the same.

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